World Lion Day pre-launches Waking the Lions….

Do you ever get that feeling that as you slowly open your eyes what you see in front of you has been painted on reality directly from your imagination? I do. I also believe that unless I choose what I focus my imagination on deliberately, the painting will be a result of my fears and worries, or whatever else is dominating my thoughts and feelings.

Two white lions, a male and female, took pride of place in a dream I once had years ago, and before I even knew they existed. I woke up as I looked at them and said to myself ‘Ah they’re God.’ I seemed to know that the two of them represented the divine. Maybe a year or so later I discovered they are real, and they have an extraordinary mythology around them. They’re considered the messengers of God and appear on Earth only in times of great ecological crisis.

My first novel, Waking the Lions, is inspired by the first paragraph and woven with the theme that ‘love is the vital force which brings our imagination to life’. It has an underlying premise that all of nature is connected and collaborative and therefore I’m dedicating the book to the welfare of the white lions, with a percentage of each sale going to the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Sunday 10th August is World Lion Day and made sense as the day to launch my novel – but as yet I am still in the pre-launch stage. Waking the Lions is a novel of adventure, transformation and extra-ordinary love. It has the beauty and savagery you’d expect when connected to the apex predators on our planet, whether you see those as lions or humans. The first chapter will be available free of charge as soon as its ready and will be posted in this blog.

On the launch day I’m the guest of Karen Neumann on her radio show About Oneness – it will give me great pleasure to speak with you if you call in on the day. This is an extraordinary time to be alive.

Below is the second draft of the book cover – a little more to do yet as I haven’t added the title!

Waking the Lions front cover


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  1. Ava (Eva Harding-Bell)

    I love what you have written…. I await your first chapter…. I love your style of writing and the imagination and energy that flows so beautifully.

    Please let me know how to” call in” to Karen’s radio show on Sunday

    Blessings and sparkling light


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