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The Silver Tent is a community and profound resource to serve us women over 50, ready for a life of meaning, celebration and empowerment. It is a warm, welcoming, nourishing space for those of us who’re choosing to regain our wild and wonderful selves while shifting the paradigm of the older woman to the wise elder!

We are gathering together facilitators, coaches, workshop leaders, healers etc to share their wisdom so we all rise up delighting in our wild, wonderful and wise selves and making an impact in the world around us. Each of these beautiful women align with the aims and grand vision of The Silver Tent to create a philanthropic foundation where we will develop our own life-changing projects emerging from the hearts of our silver sisters.

Silver Tent Membership

They have paid a membership fee to support its development and will offer Silver Circle meet-ups (initially free of charge) so we can get to know them, feel their integrity and have online spaces where we can access our magnificence. This financial investment in The Silver Tent and themselves along with their free offerings earns them the right to offer interviews along with webinars and intros to their work, and we begin to weave our wisdom in the most wondrous of ways.

But you don’t need to be a facilitator or workshop leader to benefit tremendously from joining The Silver Tent, as we are discovering. It is way more than I ever expected. I knew it was going to be the space for each of us to emerge as silver butterflies from the chrysalis of menopause but I never anticipated the depth of intimacy which would result and the extraordinary free sharing of wisdom so we can all learn from each other about such diverse subjects as longevity, astrology, health and diet, shamanism, writing, painting, the goddesses, tantra, dreams, magick, relationships and so much more. We have members who thought they had nothing worth sharing, discovering they have wisdom in abundance they didn’t recognise, but everyone else does. The bubbling up of joy is delicious.

Feminine Principles

The Silver Tent is woven with the feminine principles of intuition, creativity and collaboration, It brings women over 50 together from around the world, to develop our innate wisdom, re-ignite the passions we may have hidden away and help each other to dust them off and make them shine again. We are illustrating that when we tap in to our true essence our silver sisters support us and we become a force of nature.

silver ternt
When we open to our true hearts calling our silver sisters support us to become a force of nature



We do this through online and physical meet-ups, access to a growing library of wise elder wisdom, coaching, mentoring and healing, luscious retreats and workshops, global travel experiences and on- and offline summits and events. Through this we create a safe, supportive and resource-full space to help each other, as well as become powerful role models for a conscious, creative and collaborative world.

The more we participate, sharing our hearts, serving others with our understanding, support and wisdom, the more able we are to live the lives we’d love and to make the difference in the world we feel called to make, whether that’s with our own family or beyond. We are no longer alone. We are singing a song of love around the world and we can feel its bright shining energy.

This community is growing fast and will attract not only those who shine a bright and healing light, but also some who may not want it to be as bright as it can be. If anyone appears to be acting out of alignment let’s first seek to understand… what can we do to support them, what love are they reaching out for? Bring your inner beauty to this phenomenal space and help us keep growing, keep being a powerful example of what we’d love to see in the world, making this a kinder, more loving and more expansive place to live for us, for our children and even seven generations on.

It is also worthwhile remembering that you don’t need to take anything personally, although that can be a challenge. When someone is rude or disregards what you say it is never personal, it is always to do with how they feel about themselves. If we can all remember this and act accordingly we will naturally bring more understanding to the world.

Silver Tent Radio

Please listen to and follow Silver Tent Radio, where our Silver Grove members bring us a wide range of fascinating shows:

Please read the wonderful wisdom and insights emerging from our community:

Our Facebook group The Silver Tent is the free part of this community and you are welcome to join us to test it out. However the real juice is in our Silver Synergy Facebook group which is for those women who choose to invest in themselves and in our project. You can find out far more by visiting… for further information on what we’re about and our membership options.

To join us in our Facebook community just follow this link The Silver Tent FB Group

This is a vision whose time has come… are you ready to play?

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4 Responses

  1. Denise Regan

    I would like to know more about the Silver Tent

  2. Francesca

    Dear Denise – thank you so much for asking about The Silver Tent. It is a vibrant and supportive online community for women over 50 from all around the world. We offer some meet ups in person and intend to develop this much more. The simplest way for you to discover more is either to explore or to join us in the free group The Silver Tent on Facebook.

  3. Suzi Clark

    This story came to me at the perfect time, Francesca. I’ve started my second novel, HONEYBEES AND HEARTBURN, and I need to find a beekeeper living near me in St Albans, who will make time to talk to me so that I can include that authentic information in my book. Do you think there is anyone in The Silver Tent, who might be able to help me with that?

  4. Francesca Cassini

    Hi Suzi – thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to read the story! I absolutely recommend you post for a beekeeper in The Silver Tent – explain your interest and see what response you receive. Double check with Lisa Pearson too as she may know – but I expect you have already asked her. Have you checked any beekeeping organisations?

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