Books by Francesca Cassini: Kahuna – The Cat Who Didn’t Die

booksHave you ever wondered if there is life after death? What if existence transcends this apparent final frontier that awaits us all? And could a cat hold the answers? Meet ‘King’ Kahuna – the cat who took Francesca on an amazing journey to his death and beyond.

Francesca Cassini has never been married and never had children, but she has had cats. And when she has cats she is a doting and devoted cat mother. She treats her cats like people. When they are sick everything else is put on hold and she does whatever it takes to help them heal. When they die she wants to scream and wail, but is too afraid, fearing the intensity of that scream may shatter her into a million pieces and nothing will be able to put her back together again, ever.

At the time of writing she is cat-less. Or is she? Even though the Vet put her last cat to sleep while he lay in her arms, and three days later she carried his cold and heavy-as-stone body to the grave dug a few feet from her caravan home, he is not gone. He may have stepped out of his worn out ‘cat-suit’ but Francesca says he is still very much with her.

This is the story of one woman’s love affair with cats and her magical relationship with Kahuna – the cat who didn’t die.

Warning: this book may dramatically and radically alter your perception of death.


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Books by Francesca Cassini: Together We Rock!

Synopsis: Together We Rock!

The story of how one woman is creating a global movement of women over 50 – The Silver Tent



She’s waited her whole life to be 61 years old. Told with compelling candour and drenching buckets of humour we come face to face with the challenges and disappointments of a woman out of kilter with the world for the first fifty nine years of her life. Ricocheting from one inspirational but unsuccessful project to another she takes us on a weaving path of uncertainty. Out the far side of a deep depression a few months before her 60th birthday, at which point she believes her entire life has been a dismal failure, everything changes – and she begins to follow the whisper of her heart in earnest.

We travel to the Amazon Jungle for a weeks’ communion with the entheogen Ayahuasca, the heart of Wales and the wettest, wildest winter on record for a four-month off-grid experience in a secluded yurt, and a shamanic camping retreat to meet her ancestral self and re-commit to an ancient vow.

Eye of the Storm

A growing understanding that being over 50… and 60… and 70 may not be the end of a woman’s power and potential emerges, and as she faces the loss of her only income, eviction from her rented tiny caravan home, and her cat becoming diabetic – all just a few days after her return from from her most recent retreat, she stands firm in the eye of the storm, anticipating a profound breakthrough.

Through a mixture of fast-paced, funny as well as poignant anecdotes we share her epiphany as The Silver Tent is born, initially as a Facebook group, and she discovers she is the catalyst of a growing movement of women over 50 sharing their wealth of wisdom through a deep sense of conscious, co-creative collaboration.

A year on and The Silver Tent is an extraordinary community and resource reminding every member that she is a wild, wonderful and wise elder woman… a valid and valuable person. In this non-judgemental space women find the nurturing soil in which to grow beyond what they may have expected at this age. Through sharing and supporting each other, this has become a place of inner healing and transformation. It is a place where each of us, as we tap in to our true essence, is supported by her silver sisters to become a force of nature. And this is just the beginning.

Read an excerpt and buy Together We Rock!


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    Good Day. I preordered two (2) copies of “Kahuna”; is for Karen, the second for Sharon. Many thanks, in advance.

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