People often ask me about my name. How did I end up being called Francesca Cassini without an ounce of Italian blood?

Francesca Cassini
Francesca Cassini

The story is my paternal grandfather, as a Jew, walked out of Russia during the pogroms and made his way on foot to Italy. ‘You can’t sing opera with a name like Cassinsky’, said Caruso, after teaching him to sing. So my grandfather changed his name to Cassini, promptly came to England and sang on the Vaudeville stage instead.

And I became a story-teller…

I think of myself as an ‘inspirational’ storyteller using real life stories to illustrate that when you follow your heart come what may you tap in to the collaborative essence of nature (or life) and nothing is impossible.

I do this by challenging myself, producing personal stories through writing and video, sharing other people’s inspirational stories as well as writing visionary fiction.

I’ve been an intuitive mentor for over 20 years, published The Changing Times magazine and been a founder member of a Conscious Living social network. My first novel uses the theme of ‘love being the vital force which brings our imagination to life’ and is the first in a trilogy on the resurrection of the feminine.  I write and produce video diaries such as ’Bolder not Older’ and ‘Waking Your Lionheart’, publish occasional articles in Positive News magazine and am now Editor of the new digital ‘Conscious Traveller Magazine’.

Ready to surrender to love and be supported by life? Read away…

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  1. Jade

    MMMmmmm! Yum, yum! Just now reading “About Me” … about YOU! Yes, I believe we’re going to have a juicy and delightful collaboration! R O A R! Jade (judyutah)

  2. Estill Putney

    Dearest Friend. I have not been traveling for the last five years, although it has longer than that since I have since I have seen you. We have much to catch up on: your mother, your current accommodation, your pets and much more.
    I am chock full of news, too. My email is If you reply in any way I will be thrilled.

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