Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 22 – Stormed Out!!

I was in the grip of one of the worlds magnificent untameable beasts as I walked in to Llani to get to the The Red Lion with its warm online environment and great lunch… what I hadn’t thought about was how drenched I’d be by the time I got there, which rather removed me from the cosiness of the warmth. But I had run out of food in the yurt anyway and needed to go shopping. It was an incredible walk, being almost blown off my feet, hearing the storm not just roar like a lion, but howl and scream across the landscape. Inside the yurt it is intimidating but being out in it’s teeth is something else. So with all the endless rain and battering of these wild winds I’m feeling seriously stormed out now!

Yes this has been a womb for me this winter – this enclosed round space which has drawn me back over and over again away from the internet and work. Working has been such a challenge and now I understand why! This winter in the yurt has been my hunkering down, living more slowly, more in tune with the season and the earth…. it’s a space of reflection, of inner journeys and for that it has been a masterpiece. My sense of myself is developing and deepening.

Now the days are lengthening I feel the need to be more out in the world. My work is taking on a new dimension with greater demands on my time and this off-grid yurt living is not a good match. I love it and will miss it like crazy but oh I want a solid home with plenty of light, warmth and a fast boiling kettle in the morning and internet.

Following the call of my heart to live in such an extreme way this winter may have seemed mad to some but it has been the perfect path for me. I have found my ‘spiritual home’ here in the heart of Wales, among a great inclusive community and learned so much about accessing deeper truth through playful and curious explorations.

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Thanks to Allmec Consulting and Espiritu Salon and Spa for their sponsorship.

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2 Responses

  1. juliana wright

    Dear Francesca. . . it all seems extreme to you as an initiation, but – from my experience – this winter is no different from any other in Wales. I remember visiting Tipi Valley (in Wales) in winter and being apalled. It was a childrens birthday party in a dark and smoke filled lodge, ( you could hardly see your hand in front of your face). Outside the mud from weeks of rain had a raft of small wellies slowly submerging in it. The shrill cries of delighted children inside didn’t do anything to cheer me up as i stood in the dank, cold blackness of the large tipi; a raw birthday cake with lit candles was being handed out to each person. I left with a sadness – and an admiration – for those hardy people living out their “dream” – in such comfortless conditions. And for the children whose innocence made it all magical to them, a sense of sadness, too. It affected me deeply and my return to my warm house with its comfort and convenience was from that moment forever appreciated as a privilege and never, ever, a right.
    You may do, too. . . after this adventure. . .

  2. Francesca

    Bless you Juliana – I’m delighted to say that most locals are telling me this is the very worst winter they can remember for rain, although it sounds like you experienced a pretty rough one. I know that we get tons of the stuff up here and I shall be delighted to live less challengingly for a while thats for sure…. but I still love the whole off-grid experience.

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