Wintering in a Yurt Video Diary 8 – I’ve arrived!

Survived My First Night!
Survived My First Night!
It’s raining! It’s pouring! But nonetheless I moved in to the yurt yesterday after three months or so of getting ready and vacillating between thinking I was mad for choosing this as a winter home, and being excited at the challenge. So I’m in. All my stuff has been shifted from my little lionhearted car and is in various stages of unpacking…

And I love it. I survived my first night successfully.

Today I decided to come to town, to Llani as the locals call it, and hang out in the recommended veggie cafe which offers free wifi and catch up with some work.

On the way in to town as I descended a long hill, up plodded an old bent woman with her bag of shopping. I’d seen her when I visited in September. I stopped, offered her a lift, turned around and opened the door to let her in to the passenger seat. And yes she stank! But at seventy five years old I tried not to care because she walked up and down the proverbial hills and dales at least four miles in each direction from her home whether the weather was beautiful and balmy, or freezing and frosty, or wild and wet. When I dropped her off the sun came out. I’m sure it was the weather gods thanking me for my kind deed.

What kind deed have you done to today to please the gods?

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  1. Electricmeg

    One of my dreams is to purchase a 50 acre farm up the road and put up 10 yurts, which I would rent to families who want to reconnect with the earth over the summer. I love the idea of a portable living structure that isn’t a tent!

  2. Elizabeth Butterworth

    Congratulations !… Your off … Following your adventure here in the U.S
    I love you adventuresome spirit .
    We love to go to the Oceanside and winter in my tiny caravan.
    My David …married 43 years has taken ill so we are staying in the our patio home in the city to be near Doctors and hospital.
    Your posting your adventure means so much to us … thank you .

  3. Francesca

    Bless you Elizabeth! It’s strange, and amazing, and wonderful to think that my journeys and passions impact other people a long way away. I’m sorry to hear your husband isn’t well enough for your usual caravan winter by the ocean as that sounds gorgeous.

  4. Carole

    wow! I went away by myself to write for a week and came home after 2 days. Too many bumps in the night. you are very brave!

  5. Mary

    It sounds wonderful Francesca, looking forward to following your progress, be careful on the wet ground, sleep well again 🙂

  6. Francesca

    Haha I so understand Carole – I’m a ‘bump in the night’ sort of worrier too and yet something has changed recently and I’m far calmer. The first two nights in the yurt have been great but its all been very quiet. When its howling a hoolie outside I may not be so cool.

  7. Francesca

    Thanks Mary – I seem to be sleeping quite well but today I feel exhausted. I think it’s all the change, all the new routine I have to create and of course everything takes so much longer as I can’t switch things on and off! Delighted you’re following my progress 🙂

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