Wintering in a Yurt Diary 2 and B Day + 1

I’m recovering from a fabulous birthday celebration weekend – or more like 5 days! When it was raining men at the Love Shack a few minutes past midnight on Saturday night and therefore a few minutes in to my birthday I discovered that by wearing my lovely cosy Fleece from Trespass makes me appear like an outdoorsy kind of a gal into extreme sports. Not much could be further from the truth although I’ll be far more outdoorsy when I’m living in a yurt in the middle of nowhere deep in the Cambrian mountains… but suffice it to say that this fleece will be regularly worn in public from now on!

And on that note I was given two raunchy leggings from Wild Bangarang today to see how well they work instead of thermals under my jeans while I’m wintering in extreme conditions! It’ll be fun looking quite somber on the outside while hidden away under my clothes are leggings fit for a world class pole dancer! Oh now there’s a thought…

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