Who Needs Ayahuasca or the Rainforest of Peru?

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Why would Nature give us naturally occurring DMT in our brains without the means to use it? Nature is no fool and she doesn’t do anything unnecessary. So why did the shamans of the Amazonian jungle have to discover two different plants to combine just to make DMT become available to us… to take us into profound altered states? But if you think about it, if DMT occurs naturally then these shouldn’t be altered states at all. They should surely be our natural state.

The rainforest of Peru is incredible. It’s teeming wildlife is so loud it even drowned out the incessant sound of my tinnitus. Weave its natural magic with the magic of the shamans songs, the smell of the Mapacho tobacco, the extraordinary thunderous percussion of the rain and you can slip in to divine rapture as easily as breathing.

All I wanted to do on my return to the UK after a week long immersion a boat ride and slogging hike through orange mud from Iquitos, was lie face down on the grass and listen to the earths heartbeat. Even though I am way out of my comfort zone in such humid heat I missed being surrounded by such vitality of life. On the last night in my little tambo on stilts I watched a tiny light switch on and off as it glided around outside my mosquito net. It must have been a fire fly but to me it was a faery.

I knew I had to find my next home – somewhere wilder than the Home Counties and where I could have a sense of the rainforest without relocating to South America. Within  five months I’d found the part of the land where my heart soared open. I spent the best four months ever off grid in a yurt in a secluded valley situated on the heart chakra of Wales over the wettest winter on record. What a love affair I had with the land, the trees, the wildlife, the storms and my magical round home. But it was not available to me on a permanent basis and I really did need internet. And then just when I was wondering if I’d ever find what I was looking for, I found it. I’ve landed in my own Welsh rainforest paradise and the only thing missing is the humid heat I hated anyway.

I’m ‘tiny home’ living in a weeny caravan on the edge of its own two acre enchanted woodland. At least I decided it was enchanted and it’s delightfully reflecting that back to me. I’ve started to feel the energy of the area and a tree spirit makes itself known to me in the most delicious of ways. I think ‘she’ may be the spirit of the majestic Sequoia tree which guards the entrance to the little plot of land I rent.

One late night I saw radiant lights among the foliage of the rhododendrons  and when i looked out of the window the patch of grass behind the caravan was awash with light. It looked just like a scene out of the Avatar movie. I’ve not seen it again. Another night I am sure I saw dancing lights inside the caravan, like faeries on broomsticks swirling around. Sometimes I capture creatures made of turquoise light on my videos that look like tiny hearts with three diaphanous wings.

And I’ve been contemplating. During my three ayahuasca ceremonies I didn’t once have a psychedelic experience, and for a while thought this was a disappointing result. I thought maybe I was too controlled to have one….but then I remembered a long time ago waking up in the middle of the night to see a big tropical fish swim across my room as if made out of rainbow colours and lit by a spotlight, followed by a full size peacock feather resplendent in greens and blues. They both faded away, the room went back to normal, I went to the loo and finally back to sleep knowing I had no idea what had just happened. I had not taken any drugs or medication or any alcohol and I was most definitely wide awake.

Could I have accessed my naturally occurring DMT? And if so, is it supposed to be accessed naturally? Where I live by the woodland which embraces a series of pools that cascade down the steep hillside is the perfect place to explore this idea.

This morning I went bouncing on the trampoline up the slope by the third pool. The sun cast it’s August rays through the branches of the surrounding Douglas Firs lighting up the green of the grass and the leaves. A bull frog vibrated its fat throat nearby. Buzzards kewed high above as they spiralled on the thermals. Crows cawed warnings to each other. A gentle breeze flowed over my skin. For a moment I thought I saw a black cat walk down a path below me. Then I noticed that I could see a radiant turquoise light glowing on some of the leaves, painting some of the tree trunks, hugging some of the branches….beautiful, luminous, magical. It was captivating and mesmerising and I have no logical explanation that conforms with our mainstream view of the world. Was I seeing deeper in to the fabric of reality? Was I seeing nature spirits not normally seen with the naked eye? Was this another possible example of a natural DMT experience?

So who needs Ayahuasca or the rainforest of Peru when you can create your own?

I shall keep you posted.



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2 Responses

  1. Katya Davis

    Francesca, I have just found you!
    I lived in Italy for 19 years, then in England for 20 years and, since 2005, in Australia.

    Spirit and Destiny magazine found me from a newsagent, so lucky as it’s hard to get out here… Your article on page 98 captured me from the first line, so inspiring, so much resonates with me and my strong love for mother earth.
    I hope to read you more, I am an older mum of young children and uplifting of the spirit is very important to me.

    Thank you.



  2. Francesca

    How wonderful you found Spirit and Destiny and delighted you found me! Thank you for leaving your comment.

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