We Are Love-Based Life Forms

Love. Love and light. I shunned the whole new agey, sticky, overly sincere love thang. I was repelled by the hazy, dreamy look that mists the eyes when talking about this kind of lurve. I wanted to get to grips with ‘the bond’, the ‘tsaheylu’ of the Na’avi in Avatar. That deep, intrinsic, all is one energy I have yearned for since I was a child. The energy which underlies all the real magic of life.


I’m drawn to endless youtube videos of interaction between species.

I ask myself how come nature created sharks to enjoy the stroke of a humans hand on the side of their deadly snout, so much so they go in to a trance and choose the touch over food?

I ask myself how come an crocodile will play at tumbling and rolling without killing and storing someone who had saved his life as a baby?

I ask myself how come a huge lion will wrap his massive front paws around the neck of a woman without harming her? Did he remember that she saved him years before from a life of desperation and cruelty in a circus?

I asked myself how come plants are attracted to loving thoughts and can faint from violent ones?

My passion to connect deeply with nature continues to develop. I feel the pull. In fact I feel so deeply it led me to spend four months alone in an off-grid yurt over the winter in the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. I feel the grief at my disconnection. I feel the profound pleasure when I reconnect.

So I asked Nature to show me what she wanted me to explore and write about. She was very clear that worrying about my irritating intermittent internet connection was not what my life is about. So this morning, tucked up in my teeny weeny caravan (my temporary post-yurt home in another stunning Welsh valley) I opened to her wisdom.

A beautiful little video of abandoned baby rhino Ringo caught my attention in my Facebook feed. I watched him roll in the dust loving the human attention, cuddles and strokes. And then I got it….

As I was writing my first novel a while back I received a powerful impression that underneath it all the foundational building block of life is not actually carbon, it is love…. which threw me for a while. I wrestled with this concept until I felt its truth. Love is not some airy faery, arty farty, frothy bubbly crap. It is the fierce, strong, profound and creative energy from which everything else emerges. It is the singularity from which the Universe explodes. Ultimately we are love-based life-forms before we are carbon-based ones.

Then I remembered years ago I did an exercise on a man who had been my partner but I had felt so alien to him and hostile because I believed he’d loved me badly. I was exploring how labelling people impacted my experience of them. As I removed the labels I’d had about him one by one I was left with the label ‘human’ ….so I decided to see what would happen if I removed that too and felt in to his energy…. and bam! He was light! He was love. Simple as that.

So how does this answer my questions above? Love has to be the common language across the whole of life and all its realms if it’s the foundational building block. When we’re in our heart, often when we’re following our own passion, we’re tuned in to that energy of love. When we connect with another being, whatever realm we’ve chosen to categorise them within, we sort of hum along that line of love. In fact I believe we flow with that love connecting with the deepest aspect of that ‘other’. This aspect is deeper and more powerful than our fears, our projections and even our instincts, because sometimes it motivates one to give their life for the other.

We, in essence, are love. Life, in essence, is love. Therefore, in essence, we are all connected in this magical web of life.

When we surrender to this love, life cannot help but embrace us, and nothing is impossible.


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6 Responses

  1. Alejandro

    my heart resonates with your words. Funny I have been working like crazy in these last days. Have not had a good night sleep in a while. I just finished preparations for tomorrow and felt like writing… “love based forms” in google. So i found your words… I agree thats what we really are. Love vibrations for all and good night;)

  2. Francesca

    What magical synchronicity! Do you normally sleep badly or is it the amount of work you do? I’ve had rubbish sleep for years but have recently started using magnesium oil spray and it seems to be helping.

  3. Alejandro

    Yeah, I had tears in my eyes when I read your words, just what I needed to finish my day. Still I feel different, changed, as I realize deep down we are all love. For life to exist and grow, what fuels it its love. And the concept of “we are love based life forms” Wow!!!!truly amazing…
    About my sleep it is the amount of work that I have had lately. I am the kind of person that can fall sleep anytime anywhere, in a bed of rocks or nails as my family says…. So when I cant, I missss sleeping…. Still Ive read magnesium supplements are great for the body… 😉

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