How Do You Define Yourself? And How Does it Impact Your World?

How we see the world is a direct reflection of what we believe about it – and it may be ‘our’ truth but it won’t be ‘the’ truth – that’s a very important distinction.

I became nomadic in January 2013 and it’s possible you can define this as becoming homeless. But I never chose to see it that way. Being nomadic for me was a lifestyle choice prompted by a financial difficulty. But as I always see myself at choice I decided to become nomadic. That was my new definition of myself. Homeless sounded powerless, like I was a victim. There was a host of things I could have done to stay in my home but I chose not to follow those actions, so my truth was that I was far from powerless, far from being a victim. I checked in intuitively and saw the truth of this new adventure. This nomadic path opened up like the yellow brick road. I was The Fool in the Tarot Deck taking my first steps towards mastery.

This choice was a huge one because it took me way out of my comfort zone. It became the single most powerful decision I’d made in a very long time. It meant I was following the whisper of my heart even though I had absolutely no idea where it would lead me. I walked every day in to the unknown. Even though we’re taught to be afraid of this I got to enjoy it. It is hugely freeing to be okay in the moment with no idea where I was going next and believe that I would create the perfect next step.

We are all powerful creators capable of creating out of seemingly nothing. And as we follow our hearts we access greater levels of this power.

When our frightened ego runs the show we are always hustling ourselves – are we doing the right thing, is it safe or dangerous, it is acceptable or not, can we survive or not?

I founded The Silver Tent, a global community for women over 50, out of seemingly nothing in October 2016. I had this thought in May 2015 which wafted on the Peruvian breeze and in to my imagination that we women over 50 are innately wise and have something valuable to offer the world. The Silver Tent community emerged about 18 months later. I see it as this crucible space where we have the resources (some paid and some free) to access deeper and deeper levels of our heart and act/be from this space… and as we access this deeper heart space and weave our wisdom together we become a force of nature in the world supported by the hearts of our silver sisters.

It is not instantaneous, The Silver Tent has a way to grow and develop before it fulfils my vision of it as a beautiful transparent crystalline structure beaming its light, but we get closer every time one of us makes a decision in favour of her heart.

How do you define yourself on a daily basis? It’s worth exploring this and seeing which definitions are supportive and helpful to you and which may undermine you and sabotage your efforts.

If you want to read more about my adventures of creating from nothing and be inspired to do more of this yourself please check out the free chapter of my book and buy if your heart wants to.

If you are a woman over 50 anywhere in the world and want to come see what we’re about, simply follow this link to our Facebook Group

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9 Responses

  1. Jossine Abrahams

    Oh how wonderful to learn that our wisdom came out of life challenges and sometimes we need to go through such hard times to learn and change lives. Im in your shoes Francesca and remember lesson learned will never be forgotten our wisdom moulds us thats why we are here to share our past so that we inspire and empower the next generation. I will get hold of your book however I you also want to know more of my life learned lesson though it was late it came with scars but I’m happy God saved me to be a testimony of his glory. We learn everyday your story will help many. Thank you fellow author. Jossine Abrahams

  2. Jossine Abrahams

    I am really inspired we have a lot in common very soon we should think of a joint venture anthropology of empowerment how about that kikikiki. Thank you. Jossine

  3. Francesca

    Bless you for reading this and responding Jossine

  4. Jullie Williams

    “Every time one of us makes a decision in favour of her heart.” Building and building, heart brick by heart brick, decorating this with wisdom, planting seeds in the garden of love. This is home.

  5. Francesca

    Love your ‘heart brick by heart brick’! Gorgeous.

  6. Vanessa

    Thank you for creating our wondrous Silver Tent Francesca, wisely and widely inspiring us to redefine ourselves, to love and thrive in the Heartfield – allowing our magickal children to play freely. I now define myself simply as a constantly curious playmate!

  7. Francesca

    It can be so much fun playing our highest tune!

  8. Jane

    Thank you for this Francesca. I receive much nourishment from the ST. Thank you for starting this…I know there will be ups and downs in this group but that is healthy. You do much to support everyone…it must be challenging at times. In the end it’s everyone’s responsibility and whatever we say or do, as you keep repeating, say it with kindness and thoughtfulness. I throughly enjoyed your book and am curious to one aspect and hope it got sorted. Good Wishes. ?

  9. Francesca

    Which bit do you want to know about Jane? I’m trying to remember what I might have left hanging.

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