B-Day Minus 3 and Day 1 of my Wintering in a Yurt Video Diary

What a fabulously nutty thing to be embarking on – becoming 60 years old and about to head off to spend the winter in a yurt on my own, 1000 feet up in the Cambrian Mountains in the heart of Wales! As you’ll see in my video I’ve received a wonderfully warm, waterproof and windproof coat with a fabulous fleece to wear beneath to keep me all toasty – all from Trespass . So with all this I have decided that 60 is the new 21 and plan to live accordingly.

What nuttily inspiring things are you getting up to this last quarter of 2015?

60 is the new 21!
60 is the new 21!
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7 Responses

  1. Anne

    You are funny Francesca 🙂
    Love your sense of adventure, may you never loose it!
    Anne x

  2. Francesca

    Haha thanks Annie Anne – I loved making that video as it sets the scene for the winter now. I have some great ideas for video content like ‘how to milk a cow’ with me at the udder! (There’s a joke in there isn’t there?)

  3. Thea Allison

    Awesome, you’re near the cottage so if we go there we’ll pop by! Such an adventurer Franjie xxx

  4. Francesca

    Just come anyway Thea! I am still toying with the idea of creating an ‘celebratory event’ of some kind for friends so how close is your cottage?

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