Ayahuasca Day Three

No Wonder Its Called The Rainforest!
No Wonder Its Called The Rainforest!
Mmm Day Three dawns on my Ayahuasca Retreat and I’m not leaping around for joy but seem steeped in a depression unsure even why I am in the jungle. I had my consultation with Don Lucho the day before and asked him if there was something to give me that would enable me to relax and surrender to the experience of Ayahuasca more effectively. He gave me a spoonful of two different plant medicines he had handy, both of which were pretty unpleasant but did the trick until a few moments after drinking the brew. It appears Ayahuasca serves an impatient participant with an opportunity for patience….

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2 Responses

  1. Coln

    Dear Francesca

    Loving your video diaries and in particular your honesty, vulnerability and awareness, it feels real.

    This has been and I guess continues to be some journey for you.


    Colin x

  2. Francesca

    Yes it’s most definitely an on-going journey. Apparently once you’ve ingested Ayahuasca she takes her place in your DNA for good. Delighted you’re enjoying my videos – I may just have to keep them coming!

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