Are You Doing It No Matter What?

Do you do things ‘no matter what’…’come what may’? Doing what you love when you already have the resources is one thing, but going after what you love ‘come what may’, no matter whether you believe you don’t have the money, the time, the stamina or whatever you think you’re lacking…now that’s when magic happens.

Magical Rain

And if you think magic isn’t happening in your life right now it can also be a matter of not having the clarity about what you’d really love…

So for me there are two main aspects to creating magic in your life…

*Knowing what it is you’d love
*Following it’s siren call come what may

As some of you may know I spent four months of last winter off-grid in a yurt on my own up in the Cambrian Mountains pretty much in the middle of nowhere. My experience with Ayahuasca in the rainforest of Peru a year ago gave me the kick start and reminded me how much I love being immersed in nature including the sound of extreme rainfall. Even though I didn’t have the financial resources to buy the car I’d surely need or everything else to make it happen, I committed to the four months naively… then realised I’d really need a car, I’d need to buy wood, I’d need proper outdoor winter clothing and somehow I’d have to access my courage to live that far beyond shouting distance from other people. Much to my surprise I got finance for a car, and found all the resources to live through the winter and thrive. Oh my God I loved it. I created an astonishingly beautiful and intimate relationship with the secluded valley my yurt was embraced within and all the abundant wildlife around it. I certainly got my extreme rainfall too! It was a slice of heaven and I’m sure it was what is considered by the Hopi a ‘spot of the fawn’ – a place of power.

Spot of the Fawn
Spot of the Fawn

I left the yurt in early Spring as it is rented out as a holiday let. Not only did that make it too expensive an option but I knew long-term I wanted much more daylight coming in as well as on-grid facilities like internet, running water and indoor plumbing.

I was generously offered a teeny weeny caravan in another stunning valley as a stop-gap, and it’s been a wonderful one. All the time I’ve been looking for my next more permanent home. But nothing caught my fancy, nothing was right. I didn’t want to really be in town…but little was available out of town…and I really want to bring my cat…but most places don’t want pets…so I wondered where next?

IMG_3208 copy

After house-sitting in a gorgeous house for a few days I returned to my teeny weeny caravan just as the rain pelted down and the wind rocked us to its lullaby.

‘Oh whew, that’s better!’ I heard myself sigh.

And then it hit me. I don’t want to live in a house. I want to hear the elements and feel their presence. Relief flooded through me. Now I know. So yurt or caravan? Most yurts have minimal windows and are usually off-grid. Caravans on the other hand have tons of light and can be on-grid. So that’s it. Choice made. Caravan with internet and all other mod cons, somewhere beautiful where I can walk out of my door in to stunning countryside and walk and walk as far as I feel like going, and where I can have my cat. Forty eight hours later I found just the place! I found it magically too. Synchronistically effortless. It would have been all too easy to have given up ages ago and settled for second best – something I’ve been particularly good at my whole life.

As I ponder this idea that when we follow our hearts come what may, and that really means ‘no matter what’, we tap in the collaborative essence of nature (or life) and nothing is impossible, ideas for further adventures have bubbled up from deep within my imagination…

Stories from around the world of people who have left the mainstream ‘norm’ behind and stepped on to the path of their hearts desire, to follow the pull of their ‘calling,’ are finding me and inspiring me.

Are you following your heart come what may?

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6 Responses

  1. Lorna

    Lovely idea. Can you find a plot of land? alone. I’d love that too but a caravan park NO no no. I live in the New Forest there are some little spots amongst trees for some form of homes but again I think you are still with some other folks.

    Love to see where you find your spot, can you actually buy a bit of land do you think?

    At 75 and after my hip operation may be able to cope again. happy days Francesca .

  2. Francesca

    Hi Lorna – good to hear from you again. I’m actually renting a small caravan on a plot of land which is quite close to three other buildings but discreetly so. Behind the caravan is a beautiful 2 acre woodland on a steep slope with a stream and ponds, and benches to sit on and see lots of different views. And then I can climb over the fence on to the hill behind the property and walk up to the top and enjoy the fantastic views from up there. So I’m not alone, but I’m secluded enough for the moment. I’ve decided the woodland is an enchanted one too. I shall keep you posted.

  3. Colin Smith

    Hi there Francesca

    Beautifully written and shared from your heart. As I read each word, I felt it from you, thank you for opening up and showing me your way.

    Simple really when you listen to what our heart and soul really wants. How you sighed with relief when you returned to your caravan. You knew all along what you wanted and needed, you just had to stop, check in and listen.

    I wish you all the very best in your new, at last, home. May you open up even more and share more of your stories.

    With love


  4. Francesca

    Thank you Colin – what a magical journey this is. I’ll have a sort of ‘open home’ policy over the next year I think although I can’t offer accommodation. You are more than welcome to visit – the drive would be awe-inspiring and breath-taking!

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