Wintering in a Yurt Video Diary 9 – Sun Rise and Elementals

Sun Rise & ElementalWhat an awe-inspiring morning. When I opened the door of my yurt I was greeted by beautiful blue skies. I grabbed my iPhone, stepped boldly on to the decking and whizzzz! slipped over bang! But I didn’t seem to get hurt, must be all the padding I have, although I ache and twinge a bit now. Anyway I caught a stunning photo of the sun rising above the hillside and decided a while later this was a good chance to test out my new Stayblcam.

It wasn’t until I watched the video back as I was editing that I noticed a little tiny orb like light dancing around in front of my face. I’ve had that once before here in a static image but just can’t quite believe it’s a trick of the light or a droplet of water on the tiny lens of my iPhone. But as I’d been to a One Day workshop on Geomancy with Patrick MacManaway last weekend where he talked to us about elementals and nature spirits, I’m more inclined to believe it’s one of these. In fact it could be the manifestation of a Sylph who looks after the weather…

What do you think?

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