Wintering in a Yurt Video Diary 6 and What I’ll Miss

7 Days To Go!
7 Days To Go!
I want to fall in love with the dark! Now that will be an interesting journey as I’m really quite scared of the dark and when I’m in my yurt for the winter I’ll be surrounded by the stuff for long nights. There are no lights nearby that I can see. No friendly lights from a neighbouring farmhouse on the far side of the valley. And no easy-to-turn-on electric lights inside the yurt. When I’ve made my dinner up at the farmhouse I’ll have to walk under the eaves of a little woodland along a fairytale path in the dark – but I shall take a head torch with me.

It’s only seven days to go – this time next week I shall be driving my trusty little lionhearted car up to Llanidloes and a yurt which nestles in a tiny dip at the top of a hill overlooking a stunningly beautiful and secluded valley four miles out of town. This is Wales at its best – and my little hobbit feet are longing to be back on my ancestral soil.

I am off-grid in the yurt and looking forward to discovering a deeper level of resilience as I build my own fire, hunt for my kindling, and explore living a more shamanic life immersed in nature…

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