Wintering in a Yurt Video Diary 3


My wonderful birthday celebrations lasted a few days but the very following day I came down to earth with a bang when I thought my winter in a yurt was over before it began. I’ve had to make a few adjustments but it’s still on and I should move in the week starting 9th November. In the meantime my preparations are forging ahead. Some of them are practical considerations like finding decent lighting which doesn’t need to be connected to the mains, checking out what sort of little gas stove I want for making tea in the morning, and what sort of camping toilet to use instead of baring my all to the weather in the middle of the night. Then there are the more intangible shamanic type of considerations like connecting to the land. So to honour that I am participating in a One Day workshop with the Yew Shaman in Abergavenny in Wales. I am very excited, although a little anxious as apparently all parts of the Yew tree are deadly toxic… and yet I believe we are doing a journey with an elixir of sorts. I shall keep you posted…

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