New Things Afoot


I hope it’s as inspiring a time for you as it is for me at the moment.

The final draft of my first novel is with my Editor. A friend of mine who read the free opening chapters gave them to someone in a major film production company as they’re looking for new books ideally trilogies (which this will be). No news yet but what an unexpectedly lovely testimonial. I launched my ‘Meet Your Muse’ workshop at the St Albans Literary Festival and the feedback from that was more than I anticipated. I look forward to taking it out and about to any one interested in exploring for themselves.

I shall be developing this rather meagre website as and when I can and very soon you’ll be able to read the free opening chapters if you subscribe to the newsletter.

In the meantime please feel free to contact me about the book, about the workshop, my ‘Muse Mentoring’ for one-to-one creative coaching or if you’d like to arrange for me to come to read the first chapters to your group (within the UK).

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