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What was my personal experience of Ayahuasca sacred plant medicine? Did I have a full on psychedelic peak experience that all is one? No. But I did have healing on a more physical level which has never come about in any other way. I feel like I’ve lost about 15lbs in weight and possibly 15 years off my age, which is not too shabby an end result. Everyone’s experiences are totally unique and it may not always be possible to quantify the results until much later. If you’ve been prompted to think about Peru and her sacred plant teachers my recommendation would be to say a resounding yes. Just make sure you travel with people who know what they’re doing. Ayahuasca is big business now and there are some unscrupulous people calling themselves shamans out there. If in doubt contact:
http://outertravelsinnerjourneys.com as they’ll see you right.

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