Ayahuasca Day Six

Manuel & Miguel - our strong but gentle helpers
Manuel & Miguel – our strong but gentle helpers
These fabulous men were always available to help out whether we needed a hand to the toilets during an Ayahuasca ceremony when standing on our own two feet was a bit of a challenge, when leaving Kapitari in mud which swallowed my feet and even when I was sure I had a ‘critter’ nesting inside my pillow! They thought I was mad, a little caught up in the psychedelic and visionary nature of Ayahuasca however look closely just before 2 mins of the video and see what you can see. You can shout out ‘It’s behind you!’ So this is the morning after our last Ayahuasca ceremony and you may be disappointed by the result. I shall be exploring what I learned and what healing and teaching I received over the next few days having allowed the whole experience to integrate so please keep an eye open for further videos.

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