Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 24 – Of Full Moons and Pilgrimage

My cup overfloweth! That gorgeous yummy rising sap has well and truly started rising. Today is gorgeous – perfect as the day after the amazing full moon last night on the 22nd of the 2nd month. Apparently all those 2’s are auspicious and it certainly feels that way today. Last night the moon rose over the hilltop across from the deck of my yurt and it’s rays flowed in like silver. As it followed it’s sacred trajectory across the night sky, it kept contact with me the entire time pouring it’s light in through the ‘eye’ in the ceiling. I went to sleep with it’s light cast across the floor. Today it’s as if there is magic in the air. And even in the video something interesting has happened with the light.

February Full Moon
February Full Moon

I lit the fire this morning as I was sure it was going to be a very cold day but the sun has made it warm enough to be in the yurt with the doors open. And when the doors are open I get visitors – a little bird flew in earlier but flew out again pretty smartish when it saw me. Flies and other little winged creatures have been swooping around. Outside as I was collecting wood from under the yurt I woke a little mouse who was snoozing in the warmth. Robins sat side by side on the fence a few yards away, singing whole heartedly… and I felt their personal presence. No longer were all these creatures just birds or insects or rodents…but vibrantly living ‘people’ with a beingness, a personality all their own. It’s obvious when you see them interact and for a split second I looked out from their eyes… oh the wondrous web of life!

I’ve been exploring the ‘what next’ in the whole video diary stakes… I have almost completed my winter in a yurt and it’s time to create a new video diary around the next challenge. This time it’s going to be an ‘out and about’ challenge, certainly exploring Wales, her myths and legends and possibly encompassing a pilgrimage. Not sure yet whether I’ll follow a route already laid down or make up my own. I’m sure Merlin will have a say. What has become clear though is to choose something which inspires me enough to overcome my fitness level. Although I am undoubtedly fitter than I was I still feel seriously unfit… and I usually allow this to be an excuse….

I know that choosing to follow my heart ‘come what may’ will help me tap in to that collaborative essence of nature and make whatever challenge I set myself possible…

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 13.41.46

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6 Responses

  1. Anne

    Oh I love the idea of a pilgrimage and can totally vouch for the magic of walking on the land x

  2. Francesca

    Ah yes Anne – I’d been thinking about the Camino ever since you went on it but it didn’t pull me enough to do anything about it. BUT now something is stirring…must be that sap rising…

  3. Karyn O'Donohue

    You are incredible!!! I would truely love to do this, any room for a little one to come visit? ?

  4. Francesca

    Hi Karyn – thank you for your encouraging words. You’re welcome to visit…I soon move to a teeny weeny caravan the other side of Llanidloes and now my whole pilgrimage adventure is unfolding who knows whats going to happen. It’s very exciting because I’ve found a pilgrimage route which I may be the first person to walk! Will keep you posted.

  5. Kathryn Davies

    Hi Francesca! Congratulations on a wonderful blog! Will your pilgrimage bring you to Shropshire too? We would love to hear about your yurt experience in person. lots of love, Kathryn

  6. Francesca

    Oh bless you Kathryn – at the moment I have no idea of the pilgrimage route but as far as I know I’ll be staying within the Welsh border – but who knows how the mood may take me!

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