Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 23 – Off With the Faeries?

When we surrender to love, we’re supported by life.

I have always wanted to believe that and at last I get that I’m well and truly living it. These last three months in the yurt have been a great hibernation and reflection time. It also now feels like a time of birthing the real me… It’s great to take an idea like spending the winter in a yurt in the middle of nowhere, and embrace it fully, explore the experience and the results. It has been, and continues to be, an extraordinary journey deep in to myself. When we drop in to this space of heart, where we’re expressing our deepest and truest nature, then we discover that we’re a part of the original world wide web…the collaborative essence of nature….’the bond’ as described by Lynne McTaggart, and nothing is impossible.

Positive News is a great illustration of what can be achieved by passionate people following their hearts. Just re-launched as a gorgeous magazine, made possible by crowd-funding where each contributor has become a co-owner, they’re showing how powerful constructive journalism is. At the launch event we were treated to a panel of journalists sharing their inspiration for being supported to work within this structure. Magnificent. Truly humbling to be a part of this first issue with a beautiful photo-led three page spread of a day in my life of wintering in the yurt. Thank you to Alex Walker for creating such wonderful images.


What if this is nature’s design…that we all have a unique gift that we’re ‘supposed’ to share with the world? Now this gift could be a Mozart of music or something we think of as more ordinary like a great mother…a baker…a candle stick maker, but each one of us a unique piece of the mosaic we call life. But instead of flowering naturally with mud between our toes, our culture’s education system inhales us, not in alignment with the natural world at all, not to sculpt us to reveal our inherent greatness, but to mould us to its own agenda. Now I don’t mean to dive in to the ideas of conspiracy…I’m simply suggesting this system doesn’t come from that deep sense of our place in the natural order of things although ‘they’ may think it is. The image that has sprung to mind is that of a frozen meat factory. I once worked in one during a college summer break. I lasted maybe as many as four days! It was soul destroying. We were there to create and check for uniformity. Brrrr! Cold in so many ways.

What inherent gift have you forgotten about…..or what do you love doing and being which you didn’t even realise was a gift? Now there’s a thought to ponder.

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Thanks to Allmec Consulting and Espiritu Salon and Spa for their sponsorship.

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