Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 20 – Elemental!

Wild and elemental – that’s always been my favourite landscape although in the last couple of years I’ve been more drawn to the curvaceousness of Dorset and Wiltshire and now the beautiful rich ripeness of Powys. It must be the deeper feminine arising within me. This morning I had to start my wood-burner going as it went out during the night and it is brrrr brrrr freezing! Through the tiny windows either side of my sturdy yurt door a colour beckoned me outside. I was rewarded by the most awesome sky – a rose so pure against a soft blue and a mesmerising gold my breath was whipped away. I thanked the elementals responsible for such beauty….

In the space of two months I’ve learned to talk to the elementals – those wonderful energies who shape and look after our world. I never gave them credence until recently either even though I have believed for almost forever that there is a kind of magic woven through the foundation of life. There is a deeper truth to connect with – the ‘bond’ as Lynne McTaggart calls it in one of her astounding books. It is the collaborative essence of nature, and it is this siren call that has me wintering in a yurt high up in the Cambrian Mountains. I’ve worked with many different modalities in the ‘create your own reality’ world and what I’ve come to play with is that yes, we can use the focus of our thoughts and access our hearts desires and yet there has always been a little something missing for me… and that’s this sense that we’re all connected, all of nature. So I have been chatting with the elementals on a daily basis – asking for their help and giving them my heartfelt gratitude. I love this alliance.

Three years ago next month when I first became nomadic I volunteered on a chateau estate in France for ten weeks. I learned to recognise a few plants to forage for a highly nutritious salad. Each day I’d spend an hour collecting these plants, pulling them out of the ground one stem at a time. As I harvested each one I thanked the Earth for her bounty. It became a meditation. One day I got such a powerful sense that the Earth has our back. She creates everything we need and in return we give her love… an extraordinary sensation stole over me…an emotion I was unable to name as I had never experienced it before. The closest I could come to was ‘complete’.

My 'healthy as fuck' foraged salad
My ‘healthy as fuck’ foraged salad

Now as I commune with the elementals each day I sense a similar emotion, as well as a deep belonging to our world within this ultra-web of nature. The salamanders help me get the fire going and chucking out the optimum heat inside my little circular home. The sylphs reward me with the wild winds and sometimes keep the rain away when I most need dry weather. The undines make sure I can hear the burble of the stream down in the valley, and give me pure water to drink from the bore hole. The gnomes keep my yurt solid on the ground. There is a tall tree in the woodland I’ve decided is my guardian who watches over me. I feel a deep affinity with the little birds who flock to my deck and squabble over the fat balls I put out for them. I listen out for the birdcalls I’ve never heard before and they lift my heart. My sheep neighbours say hello in the morning as I peep out. The owls call their hooting goodnights in the deep dark.

Fat balls
Fat balls

Even human neighbours are finding me… a delightful, warm and welcoming, like-hearted community is weaving itself around me. Who’d have thought I could feel so richly connected while living in a yurt on my own in a field in the middle of seemingly nowhere?

If you’re interested in learning more about elementals I’d recommend you look at the work of Susan Raven and her book Nature Spirits – The Remembrance and Patrick MacManaway who works shamanically with the ‘intelligent landscape’. To stay in a yurt in this stunning valley you can explore Old Chapel Farm.

Thanks to Allmec Consulting and Espiritu Salon and Spa for their ongoing support and sponsorship.

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6 Responses

  1. juliana wright

    . . brilliant. . yes, that elemental connection is always there to be accessed – just below the veneer of civilization that we become so dependent upon in this culture. Viva! Francesca <3

  2. Francesca

    Thank you Juliana for taking the time to read my blog and add a comment. It’s much appreciated x

  3. Kirsty

    I love this, connection, yes, yes, yes! What an incredible experience you’ve created, communing with nature and sinking in to your own deeper truth. Divine. I feel it. This resonates with my heart, beautifully expressed and right up my street x

  4. Francesca

    Thank you Kirsty – I know how deeply connected you are to nature too.

  5. Lorna

    Hi Francesca,

    How inspiring you are. Living in devon for 20 yrs till recently I too loved being on Dartmoor and going to Totnes and all this part of UK offered. I have an Idea? Could you get a little Yurt next door for me to experience for my holidays, I would help you but both have our space for peace for a while. with a sore hip at 74 I am not that mobile but I so love painting and writing and connecting to my inner self, rather lost at the moment. Positive news is looking very positive now. wonderful. Blessings and keep warm. I see snow outside my window and I’m in the New Forest!!!!!!! Most unusual. Love Lorna {:-)))))

  6. Francesca

    What a wonderful comment to read Laura and such a delightful suggestion. I have fallen in love with mid-Wales so even though I know how beautiful your area is I’m staying put up here for the time being…. However why don’t you come and join me?

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