Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 17 – Stripped Naked!

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Stripped naked and raw, that’s how I felt on the Saturday before Christmas. Nothing was right with the world. Even the sound of the buzzards over the valley didn’t perk me up. I was miserable, grumpy and generally feeling like shite! I couldn’t do anything right. My work was proving a challenge, I was effortlessly distracted, sleeping badly, feeling exhausted, and fed up with the challenge of such an off-grid lifestyle. A little squirrel had come in without knocking the other day and eaten through the rubber hose which connects my gas canister to my camping gas cooker which means I can’t have tea in the morning. Big grrrr! I bought a bottle of wine without realising it was one of those old fashioned corked affairs and I didn’t have a corkscrew. Too late to going borrowing as I was already in my PJ’s and it was pouring with rain outside of course with inches of mud everywhere…

But a bit like talking to the hairdresser or unburdening to a taxi driver, just talking to the camera and being IMG_3058honest about those feelings helped lift my spirits. By Saturday evening not only did I have the perfect log fire burning, it was mild enough for me to have the door wide open on to the dark valley while rain thundered down. It was another threshold crossed of falling in love with the dark. After a delicious wash with organic soap and hot water, I danced naked in the dark in the rain on the decking outside the yurt! Another first.

So as you can see living in a yurt for there winter is stripping me bare in many different ways!

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  1. Gerri

    Yipppppeeeee lol….. what a perfect time to fall in love with the dark, congratulations beauty – welcome to the light :)))))))

    Love you – dancing with you x

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