Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 14 – Homecoming!

With Linda Tucker of Global White Lion Protection Trust at March for Lions
With Linda Tucker of Global White Lion Protection Trust at March for Lions
It was the ‘big seduction’ weekend! Was I tempted to step off my off-grid ‘wintering in a yurt in the middle of nowhere’ path by easy electricity, heating, running water, indoor plumbing, 24/7 internet and friends this last long weekend? Absolutely not, although that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate every second of it. But I am deeply in love with living in ‘the round’, held in the embrace of nature, hearing the wild roar of the winter wind, the seemingly endless rain and being immersed in this very simple existence. I have no mirrors here and I have no keys either…how many places will you sleep happily with no lock on your door? It’s dark outside at night, not even a friendly light across the valley to remind me other people are around. There are sounds across the fields I can’t identify and in my mind shouldn’t even be there – like last night the sound of a car door slamming, or a truck going over a pothole or two…but there is no road nearby so perhaps it was a cow thumping his head against a water trough.

I look back over the last week and it was full to the brim with interaction. I was followed for a whole day by a photographer doing a ‘Day in the Life of…’ for the magazine Positive News coming out in January. He was a delight to have around, and it was fun to play, pose and share my daily routine such as it is. Up to London to visit friends and to participate in the March for Cecil combined with the March for Lions. My first ever march to support a cause. Lions and all big cats are dear to my heart as they’ve been appearing in my dream time for as long as I can remember. Even the mystical White Lions appeared in my dreams before I knew they existed in this reality. No wonder I’m organising a tour through Outer Travels Inner Journeys next June to visit them.

After the March we all congregated at the Birkbeck Theatre to watch the documentary Blood Lions – a brilliantly put together film which will rock you when you see the barbaric way lions are bred in captivity to be shot by people who call themselves hunters and profess to love animals. It is quite astonishing how effective we humans can be at spinning the truth till we believe it ourselves. If you watch it, it’s not an easy ride. Sad to realise that something most of us yearn to do – hold a wriggling lion cub in our arms – is not for their benefit at all no matter what we’re told, but in fact is helping rear that cub for slaughter when someone pays the price for a canned hunting experience. And the same with walking with lions – this is never a prelude to them being re-introduced to the wild, it is only a preliminary to being shot at close range for an exorbitant fee. Now you know.

And now I’m back in my yurt – it is heaven!


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  1. jacqui thomas

    Hi Francesca, have been sitting in front of my laptop all day, writing and listened to your video diary before going up to bed. The serenity of nature that you express sounds wonderful and I will go to my bed with the power of the the welsh hills with the sound of water etched into my minds eye. Good night, Sleep well x

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