Woman in a Yurt Video Diary 13 – The Cosmic Sun!

Cosmic Sun
Cosmic Sun

You know it’s really cold when your pee freezes before it gets where it’s being aimed… well, not quite that cold. But I am surprised it wasn’t. It felt Arctic to me this morning as I pranced up the hill to the gate of my field to take a video over the top of yurt for a change. I looked a very pretty sight in my spotty pyjamas and snow boots – but needs must.

I so understand why our ancestors revered the sun – it is the only thing which has power of survival over all humanity. If it got bored of its day to day work and disappeared down a worm-hole to a new dimension we’d be stuffed. Every single one of us no matter how wealthy, how many GCSE’s, how big a portfolio of property, how slim our body, how perfectly toned a six pack… we’d be dead along with most other breathing entities on this planetary home of ours.

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