Wintering in a Yurt Video Diary 5

This has been the best year for a long time and now I have plans on making this next decade the best of my life this far. It’s started off very well. I’ve had confirmation I can move in to the yurt on the 9th November so it’s going ahead – just a bit more expensive than I’d first expected as I have to pay for my own wood and it’s a fairly expensive commodity. I’m now exploring all the different options and have a woodland to visit to collect kindling and as many logs as the boot of my little lionhearted car can handle once I’m in situ.

I’m also exploring the benefits of poisons and how sometimes they can offer transformation, however weird that may sound. Take the poisonous frog venom known as Kambo – injected under the skin it does something wonderful I’ve heard. I’ll be having tea with a Kambo practitioner this afternoon, not that I plan to take it myself… I also sampled the delights of the Yew Tree last weekend. Highly poisonous, and I mean deadly poisonous, the flesh of the aril fruit is the only safe bit of the Yew Tree. Spit out the seed and the tiny fruit itself is delicious. I’m not sure what its medicinal qualities are yet but I shall find out and then make some yummy elixir with it – like a brandy… or a gin… or a vodka… or all three perhaps!

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