Wake Up To Your ‘Lion-heart’

Waking the lionheart
Waking the lionheart

We all have lion-hearts when we are in tune with our real nature. The rest of nature is always in tune with itself but we, as people in our present society, are the only animals who get out of tune. We stop singing our own song, roaring our truth and instead create two dimensional shadow images of what our lives could really be.

When we take a step back from the chaos and clutter which fill our heads, the expectations of who we think we’re supposed to be, we can listen to the whisper of our lion-heart reminding us of who we really are. It’s in these moments that people like Nathan Sawaya leave a career in law to become a lego sculptor! He had no idea how this new path was going to support him but it was the path of his passion. Now he has an extraordinary life of creating work for exhibitions all around the world which are so popular they have to be extended. Imagine if he hadn’t bothered to listen to his lion-heart calling him off the straight and narrow in to the jungle of his imagination. We’d have all missed out on art like this:

Nathan Sawaya's extraordinary lego sculpture
Nathan Sawaya’s extraordinary lego sculpture

So next time your lion-heart whispers to you it’s time to heed its call – it won’t let you down, no matter how circuitous the route.

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