Earlier in the year I was privileged to work on an intuitive mentoring basis with an amazingly open-hearted person who had lost her partner only a few months previously. We started with an Intuitive Completion followed by three months of fortnightly intuitive sessions where we explored where her heart wanted to take her next. It was a profoundly beautiful exploration and after we’d completed I was sent this heart touching testimonial.

This is my love testimonial for Francesca Cassini

I have lost a wife to cancer. I have lost the friend I loved to spent the rest of my life with. It was fast and when you are so close to your spiritual partner you can also feel all the pain they have in their body and in their heart.

I felt I was living a nightmare unfortunately it was real and painful. so painful I thought after she die to take my life and go with her….then I had a vision and Charlene my wife came to tell me off if I was going to do something like that. I went deep into the pain for 3 months by myself, nobody around. I had to stay with the pain. Then I start to ask for help and this came thanks to Lisa Pearson who suggested I start a programme with Francesca . What a blessing has been. Our first 2 session we both felt my wife around. She was there communicating through Francesca with messages that only her knew. This was possible because Francesca bring your heart in full power. She reached to both of us and for me the healing process start at that point with her. During our sessions someone (myself) half dead half still here went from a state of just being to live again. I will reccomand Francesca I believe she is a must in everybody with confusion. From the bottom of my heart you have saved a life. Thank you Francesca Cassini you are an angel that save my life and my wife is also grateful, that I know for sure.

Francesca Cassini I thank you for the key and tools to open my heart to the magical world called Life. I am so grateful you are in my life.

Elena Blasio, 26th June 2014

Another inspiring Client was Jennifer Manson, The Flow Writer. She chose to embark on a series of sessions over a period of three months and this is her testimonial:
‘Francesca Cassini’s intuitive coaching sessions are profound and life-altering, paring back core life issues to their essence so they can be looked at and moved forward in the most holistically powerful way. I had several sessions with Francesca at a pivotal point in my life and gained deep insight into what was happening, and where to go and a sense of peace and purpose in doing so. At any point of change or confusion, I recommend consulting her.’ Jennifer Manson, www.theflowwriter.com.

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