The word muse is in the middle of the word ‘amusing’ so we explore this workshop playfully like innocent and curious children…..IMG_8604

I took part in a global ’competition’ to write 50,000 words of a novel in one month on 1st November 2013. I had the choice to write what would be my first novel either from what I knew (which is what most people recommend) or to write from my inspiration (which means to breathe in the divine). I chose the latter.

When you write from what you know you access your rational mind and therefore write from your Ego. There are usually constraints to conform to, or to rebel against,  the world around you here.

When you write from your inspiration you go beyond the rational and access your deep authentic voice. You’ll find there are minimal boundaries in this realm.

Your Muse is the key to this inspiration. What you receive from here will be far more original and compelling than anything your Ego can give you. My personal experience is that my novel is without doubt a deeper, darker and more profoundly provoking book than anything I could have written without my Muse’s input.

The theme my Muse gave me for my novel Five Bridges, Three Frontiers and 150 Euros, the first in the ‘Waking the Lions’ trilogy, has now become the theme for my life. This theme is:

‘Love is the vital force which brings our imagination to life.’

To go from Ego to Muse you cross a bridge of childlike innocence and curiosity

Exercise One:

This is an individual exercise where I take you through a short and simple guided meditation so you get a personal experience of the impression of:

Writing from your Ego versus Writing from your Muse

Exercise Two:

This is an exercise to do in threes. Once again we go through the simple guided meditation and working with one person at a time get an impression of what that persons Muse wants them to write.

What is gift from your Muse?

This is just the beginning of your dialogue……

I also work with people on a one to one Muse Mentoring basis – particularly for those wanting to find their authentic voice and bring it to life.


“Have you ever felt like you are writing what others want to read, rather than what your heart tells you to write? Have you ever finished an expertly plotted, perfectly punctuated, fiendishly clever story… only to realise that it lacks passion? This was me, closed off from my muse by an obsession with detail and structure, and barely able to remember what inspired me to write in the first place. This workshop was the perfect starting point on a journey to re-discovering my purpose in writing, reminding me of the value in letting my imagination run wild, opening my mind and letting in my muse – and ultimately injecting the soul back into my stories. I would recommend this workshop to anyone with an open mind and a willingness to approach the concept of the muse in an entertaining and original way.” Rebecca Nell

“Never before did I experience the clearest distinction between ego and creative space as I did in the workshop ‘Finding your Muse’ . I could so clearly see the circle of ‘I’ though as I walked out of it into the circle of the unknown I found my muse waiting for me and what a difference , what a creative liberating force!” Jack Russ

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