I’m Hunting White Lions

I’m going to hunt me a white lion! I want to capture one. After all they are the most rare and beautiful creatures on the planet. So rare they only arrive here on Earth in times of great ecological crisis, sent as messengers from God to help wake us up. So who wouldn’t want one of these fabled creatures of mythology visible to see every day…? You see I have an affinity with White Lions. They came to me originally. So the hunt is on.

There are special places in South Africa now where I can go and hunt lions. They’re called ‘canned hunting’ farms. The white lions are the most expensive on the menu and all are bred for the specific purpose of being at the disposal of the hunter. I could go there, track a lion, shoot it, stuff it and have it take pride of place inside my sitting room. Then I could feel the power of owning one of the most sacred animals… a powerfully compelling thought that has hypnotised enough people to make it a very lucrative business.

Captive Male White Lion
Captive Male White Lion
Captive Female White Lion
Captive Female White Lion

So I’m contemplating how to hunt one of these – shall I use one of todays modern rifles with precision sights? After all I don’t want to put myself in any danger. I could sit a hundred metres away on the back of an open game vehicle and the lion might not even see me. But what if I stretched myself a bit more, decided to face a smidgeon of my fear and hunt like people did in the distant past? Then should I use a bow and arrow or a spear? I can’t imagine a bow and arrow bringing down the King of Beasts. But a spear means I’d have to get up seriously close and personal. That option puts me in mortal danger. An uneven contest methinks. I’m pretty sure I’d end up being be the stuffed one.

What is it about lions, and White Lions in particular that makes them so attractive to hunt? Considered the King of the Jungle they have a regal look about them don’t they? They walk with a swagger, an undeniable sense of power and authority. The sound of their roars and bellows shake the ground and travelling through our bodies melt our internal organs with fear. The White Lions however are in another stratosphere. The Shangaan mythology has predicted their return as a necessity to save humanity from itself. As angelic messengers from God they carry the highest authority, of the Supreme Creator himself, so if we subdue one of these, do we become as them? Do we invoke an energy within us connected to this Highness?

Power! We think we need power. But I believe this quote,

‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ Lord Acton

It’s not power we need but empowerment. That sense we are not victims to the pull and push of the seasons and all that external prodding and probing which besets us each day. But empowerment doesn’t mean we have to exert power over others to prove it to ourselves. If we need to kill to feel powerful, the authentic feeling is powerless. Personal power means our decisions and actions come from within and are not re-actions to any external stimulus. Empowerment comes from being back in touch and in tune with our true nature, playing our instrument in time to our own song, our own roar. Sadly most of us have forgotten the sound and sensation of our own personal roar.

‘You do not receive the power of something by killing it. You receive its power by touching it.’ Credo Mutwa

So let me put down my weapons and get in touch with my more wild and shamanic nature. Not the part of me which feels it can’t paint outside the lines of convention. But the part of me which can explore the unknown. The part of me which thrills at the roar of the lion not as prey but as an expression of wild beauty and power. Let me close my eyes, take a deep breath and drift in to the ocean of beingness where we are all connected. Let me hear the White Lion, the grunt deep in his belly, the reverberating pad of his massive paws as he lays them on the earth. And let me remember the brilliance of nature. Let me feel this energy and in so doing receive it’s power. With this one all I need to do is look in to his eyes and commune with him to receive his power – it’s tangible!

Intense Gaze of the White Lion
Intense Gaze of the White Lion

And then I remember the White Lions first visit to me in my dreamtime over ten years ago. In my dream I peeked through a window in to a light and airy room, empty of furniture. Through a door in the far wall padded big cat after big cat, their paws thudding on the gleaming wooden floor and arranged themselves so they were all sitting up on their haunches in a circle. Pairs of tawny lions, leopards, cheetah and at the front (if there is such a thing in a circle) was a male and female pair of glowing white lions. I had no idea such creatures existed at that time. They were magnificent. Regally patient. And as I looked at them I thought to myself about the pair, ‘Ah that’s God!’ In that moment I woke up out of my dream. It was a good year later when I discovered they were real when I read an article by Linda Tucker who wrote The Mystery of the White Lions – Children of the Sun God and founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

So how shall I hunt these glorious creatures? With the only weapon of choice for me – storytelling.

If I hunt anything else it will be the call of my wild nature, roaring to come back home.

What will you hunt this year?

If you want to hunt down a White Lion story for yourself and experience the extraordinariness of South Africa with me, and you are a woman over 50… you can join a small group of us in March 2019 through The Silver Tent as a Silver Seed or Silver Grove member.

Many thanks for David Pearson for the fabulous White Lion images.

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4 Responses

  1. cynthia

    I love this article Francesca. Thank you for writing it. I have a project in Central Portugal called the Awakened Life Project. I visited the WLT in February and the White Lions have been speaking to me ever since. I shared their story and their impact on me and they have impacted many here and continue to do so. I led a 5 day silent retreat here with 30 women and the lions came into our beautiful valley and broke the hearts of many. I am spreading their love by my own story and also by using the White Lion Leadership Cards. Many here in Portugal have ordered them and I just found out that 2 of our ‘members’ who are getting married in Germany this year took their cards with them. People worked with the cards in both the ‘hen party’ and the ‘mens get together’. they are magical and we need them. It breaks my heart how they can infiltrate the hearts of many with just a small introduction! I will share your article, thank you again. Cynthia

  2. Francesca

    How inspiring Cynthia – I’d love to read more about your white lion stories. The work you do sounds wonderful.

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