Finding Narnia – of Love, Light and DMT

After 50 years of disappointment, of fighting the idea that magical realms such as Narnia don’t exist, because that’s what my Dad told me, I am standing magically and miraculously on it’s doorstep. I can see a myriad wardrobe doors creak open a sliver in this enchanted woodland, and numerous little hands of nature reach out to beckon me forward.

I have held the vision of living under the eaves of a woodland, so close to nature that I experience myself as an intrinsic part of this wooded web, most of my life but without really thinking much about it until the last year. After an extraordinary week of immersion at an ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon jungle in May 2015 my heart has distinctly yearned for this… and within a short while of being back in the UK I found myself committing to four months off grid in a Mongolian yurt in the wettest winter on record in the wilds of Wales. I fell in love with the valley, the hills, the trees, the wildlife as well as the dark but it was not a permanent option for a number of reasons. Then as if by magic, once I knew exactly what I’d love, I found it! I’m here for the forseeable future on the edge of a two acre enchanted woodland having conversations with tree spirits, smiling in the night at the occasional flash of a fairy light, and being mind-blown by the rapture of blue which paints itself across the woods as I bounce my way to fitness on the trampoline.

It got me to thinking.

Is love the key to unlocking or own brains DMT? What if we can access the most extraordinarily profound and magical depths to existence without having to vomit our guts up on ayahuasca retreats, knock back the ‘breakfast of champions’ as the Wachuma potion is called or dance until our noses bleed to the ancient rhythm of drums? What if these are simply clarion calls to offer us a temporary portal until we activate our own source of DMT? And perhaps that key to activation is only a love-vibe away.

psychedelic heart

I don’t mean we’ll live in a never-ending psychedelic romp but that the epiphanies we receive from those visionary experiences become a normal part of our every day inner landscape. When we live ‘in love’ with the world around us we recognise our true place on this planet. We are no better than anything else here but we are unique. We may be the only creatures which have hand and imagination co-ordination. We create stories, we create links and we create meaning. With that we can destroy humanity and take plenty of others in the animal kingdom with us, or we can create paradise working in collaboration with nature in our own brilliant way.

The truth of our hearts is love. Love is the vital force which brings our imagination to life. And when we follow our hearts, come what may, we tap in to that collaborative essence of nature, and we discover that nothing is impossible.

Can you imagine what our world could be like if every single one of us unlocked our hearts and radiated our individual uniqueness and passion? What a world wide web of wonder we’d weave!

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6 Responses

  1. Ruth Phillips

    Well said Francesca. Thank you! When we realise in our souls and in our experience, that nothing is material but all comes from energy, love and life force and that the divine source or creator is within, before and amongst it all, then we connect with God and with our true selves. We are children of this creator and our souls are made in her likeness and this is the point of realisation which springboards us forward into being the creators we are born to be, always growing, learning, seeking moving and understanding through our experience and our will. We must pray all the time for guidance from our spirit friends who live in the celestial realms and who love us dearly and help us progress into feeling and experiencing this love more and more. Nature is the portal! xxx

  2. Francesca

    Thank you Ruth. I so remember one particular morning foraging at Eco Chateau. We had lunch outside in our coats because it was still cold but beautifully sunny. I had gone in to a sort of foraging meditation and picked each plant individually thanking the Earth for her bounty. We had salad made from what I’d foraged, gorgeous French cheeses and some wine. I said to you that I was feeling an emotion I had never felt before but the closest I could come to naming it was ‘completeness’. It was literally a divine moment. I cherish the time I spent with you on your land.

  3. Julie Ashton

    I definitely believe that love opens us up to see clearly without the blinkers of fear and negativity to taint and filter the true beauty that surroundshe us constantly. Beautiful people and world, which love allows us to see and feel with an abundance of gratitude 🙂

  4. Francesca

    Thanks Julie – yes so true. Hope to see you at the Plant Consciousness Conference 🙂

  5. Windspirit Hedlund

    I believe the last paragraph is our true and most authentic way of being. Thank you.

  6. Francesca

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog Windspirit!

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