Fat, Frequency and the Truth about Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise… you go girls…have fun…enjoy life…yes you tell him!…oh you killed him…ah you’re on the run…now you’re flying out over the Grand Canyon in an open topped car. But didn’t it seem like they were following their hearts and doing what they loved? Poor Thelma with that awful husband. No wonder she craved attention and no wonder she was so high after such great sex. So why did their journey turn from a few drinks and a few laughs to an appalling and final end?

We’re told by wonderful wise people such as Joseph Campbell to ‘follow our bliss’ and there are innumerable courses and workshops which teach us to follow our hearts, one of which is mine. But surely this is dangerous, selfish and ultimately self-sabotaging?

My personal experience over the last something decades has taught me that the short term gain is not the place to put my attention for long. If we simply wait for something we love to attract our attention then our energy and awareness is scattered. It is an external prompt. It can waver, flicker, shift and take us on a journey to nowhere, or even the Grand Canyon on a one way ticket. And if that is all we focus on then yes selfishness can certainly be a close friend (or enemy). Often these ‘loves’ are simply a short term satisfaction to fill an emptiness, usually of which we’re unaware. And that’s not what following our hearts and bliss is about. It’s about knowing the essence of who we are and following this like a compass to our true North.

But what has Thelma, Louise and the Grand Canyon got to do with fat and frequency and feeling frantastic? 

The whole fat thing with my keto diet has been amazing. I had validation a couple of days ago that changing the amount of fat inside my skin definitely changes my frequency and supports me to re-align with my ‘original blueprint’. No wonder I have begun to love myself in a way which is totally different to how I ever felt about myself before. I can sense the real me emerging. And that’s not just about my physical presence as I am still over weight, but it’s a feeling of developing a relationship with myself as a whole person. It’s taken long enough.

On the frequency and micro-current side of things, as I use my little wearable frequency device daily, I can feel myself being fine tuned. I imagine myself like a grand piano which has been out of tune for so long I had stopped being able to hear the truth of the sound. But as I absorb these frequencies a ‘tuning up’ is under way and something deep is happening. I found myself jumping up and down on the spot the other evening because I was filled with such joy and delight. A real lightness of spirit.

As we focus more on this aspect of ourselves and the truth of who we are, we shift from being buffeted around like the proverbial pinball, and begin to find a greater certainty in what our life is about and how we want to live it. When opportunities arise we can more easily know whether they serve us or not. And external challenges or seductions no longer have the same ability to destabilise. 

Years ago in my last, and highly dysfunctional relationship I realised that I wanted to choose happiness no matter what and to do that I had to let go of waiting for my partner to become the man I had seen he was capable of being. I had to choose this state for myself regardless of the external circumstances. I had to haul myself up by my bootstraps because it was easy to point a finger at him and make myself a victim. It was a challenging choice but an essential one to keep my mental health.

I love being so connected to my heart, to my passion, and to what I now bring to the world – there is selfishness in the fact I focus on what I love but woven in is the service to others which stands at just over 7000 women at this point in time… Of course there are times when things trigger me to anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety etc but I can feel my true North and nothing can push me off that path unless I decide. Using fat and frequencies to help me has given me even more solidity in myself. I can feel my cells celebrate each day that I feed them such fat and frequency nourishment and this impacts my mental, emotional and physical health and yes my spiritual health too.

So if you’re headed out over the Grand Canyon with no safety net or parachute then consider checking in with your true North, your hearts whisper at the core of your being and not the flattering little flights of fancy on the surface! 

If you want to know more about this little frequency device to see if its for you simply email me at roar@francescacassini.com

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(Video still from Thelma and Louise the ending taken from this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66CP-pq7Cx0)

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