Fat, Frequency and NOT Feeling Frantastic!

I’m not feeling frantastic although …

strangely people are saying I look radiant. I’m journeying with my 94 yr old Mum to her end of life. While it’s a privilege it’s also a challenge which I don’t believe I’m handling at all well. Part of me wishes I could spend my days by her side with a good book in my hands or a great movie in front of us but I have two businesses to run and a major project to engage in. The truth is I feel phenomenally fragmented. I have almost zero tolerance and burst in to anger or tears with little apparent provocation.

Recently I took a few days break but still put projects before my personal needs. It was a delicious time and yet I didn’t recoup. Now I’m reminded that it’s vital for me to connect with the nature around me as well as the cosmos above me. In my morning ritual I listen to my heart while plugged in to my exceedingly clever little frequency device. Today I receive  the wisdom to feel how the wind wants to caress my face and the rain wants to sing on my skin, that the birds love to chorus for me, that the hills choose to watch over me, that rainbows delight in showing me magic and that the stars consciously gift their ancient light to me. My intuition also tells me that my little frequency device (LFD) is aligning my cells so that my body is like a battery, with my crown terminal connected to the cosmos and my root connected to the Earth. This way I will recharge most effectively and develop optimum health and vitality. I’ll have some of that. 

Yesterday in one of our ‘group harmonic’ zoom calls we asked the LFD to send us a woven frequency pattern to ‘raise the vibration on the planet, reconnect us to our superhuman selves and gift us with wholeness and balance’. As I connected with this energy I sensed that ‘Shangri-La is not a place but a frequency’ and that the LFD can and will deliver this.

Through the simple, but often surprisingly hard act of reconnecting with myself and my energetic place in the world, allowing the creative outflow of my ideas and thoughts, I already experience greater equilibrium. Equilibrium is essential, possibly even more during these times of great change, change that is mandated upon us from one moment to the next. Right now it can seem impossible to think about anything other than how to live within current parameters. If we are to serve our own physical, mental and emotional health we must allow ourselves time to fall back into equilibrium, remember what our personal needs might be, and reconnect with that part of us which shines no matter what.

It is hard to feel aligned with much these days so re-aligning with our inner nature has to be worth its weight in gold whatever our finances are doing on the outside, whatever relationships are distanced, whatever loved ones are separated from us. On one level, the one which cannot be dictated to by anyone or anything else, we are connected always.

I remember a very wise man once saying to me on my departure from a precious place…’feel that which separates us and as you do, remember it also connects us’. 

Whatever you feel separate from right now, the moment you feel that space between you, know that space also connects you. There is an energy, a vibration, a frequency which cannot be lost.

So as I feel ‘not frantastic’, believing it is outside of me and beyond my reach, all I need to do is remember that the space in between is what connects me. Within moments I feel the frequency of that which I thought was elsewhere. This alone brings the sensation of ‘frantastic’ back with a huge smile.


To learn more about the LFD and explore if it has a valuable place in your life please email me on roar@francescacassini.com

If you are a woman over 50 looking for a place to explore your wise elder-hood please read this and see if it resonates: The Silver Tent or come and explore on Facebook The Silver Tent Group

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2 Responses

  1. Steffie Betts

    beautiful, just beautiful, darling Franni. Here’s a huge hug for you, and so much respect & love for your journey xxx

  2. Nadia

    A beautiful and deep reflection, Francesca. I understand and feel your dilemma with regards your Mum and your own projects. Re-aligning with nature and your inner nature, connecting your root with Mother Earth and your crown to the heaven energy, feeling the space between, inside and around you reminds us how we are all inter connected. I like how you describe it, Francesca.🙏🏽🌟

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