Fat, Frequency and Feeling Frantastic!

I don’t recall when I divorced my body, but then again I don’t remember ever being married to it. As I look back over my almost 65 years of life I realise I have spent most of my time in my head and in my imagination. My body has basically been an afterthought, a useful thing to carry my mind around. Any day dreaming I did as a young woman had me in a beautiful lithe body but I never did anything to bring that about. So my body got stuffed full of food, stuffed full of wine and stuffed full of smoke (for a good two and a half decades), and was sidelined. 

I wanted to feel glamorous and gorgeous but I didn’t want to work hard to make that happen. And now we get to my stubborn side – the bit of me which says I don’t want to do what I’m told and I certainly don’t want to have to conform to rules and regulations. You see I’m so stubborn I insist that I will create what I love through magical means, not by spending sweaty hours in the gym or eating tiny forkfuls of thin air or doing anything I really don’t want to do.

How my body handled such disregard is beyond me. But bless it, it has stayed relatively healthy for most of this time, rarely demanding much attention from me and certainly not getting it. And because I have not liked the look of my body, and at times have even hated it, I avoided mirrors and decided that to all those people who thought they were kindly offering me good advice to lose some weight I said underneath my breath ‘F**k off, I love being fat.’ 

Part of me hoped that if I really could love myself just the way I was that the fat would melt away and the slim and gorgeous me would emerge like an ancient Greek statue being revealed by the falling tide – a veritable Venus. But that day didn’t arise because I could never get beyond the way I looked. 

Then just over a year ago I heard about the Keto diet and how eating fat can make you slim. I love fat, I am sure my body needs it and I love eating it. So discovering a diet that counter-intuitively explains that natural fats are good for the body and good for the brain and can actually promote loss of weight was like magic. I could do this. I could leave the carbs behind and eat a high fat diet. I wasn’t brilliant at sticking to it but over the course of a year I effortlessly lost over three stone. And even though I still have another two (or more) to go something even more magical has happened. I have begun to love my body!

The diet itself has been fantastic because I don’t ever have to feel hungry and I can eat many things I love that are usually banned from diets like strawberries and cream. Because I cheat quite frequently and have carb rich vegetables like carrots and tomatoes I am rarely only on Keto so I see it as a pretty balanced diet. When I used to eat carbs as a standard proportion of my diet I was always hungry, always feeling I needed more…but that hardly ever happens on Keto and is usually a sign I have gone too far off the right amounts of fat. Not waking up starving is also wonderful, along with extra benefits such as silky smooth skin, hair with more bounce and less brain fog.

But it’s the love thing which has surprised and delighted me most. I still have folds and bulges and extra saggy bits from losing weight, and cellulite (although that might also be going through the Keto!) but this magnificent body has worked hard to keep me alive without ever being given a thank you. It deserves a huge thank you now. And I can’t help but look in the mirror and love what I see reflected back. It’s quite bizarre because I am still overweight. To celebrate I have even bought a ‘swimming outfit’ although it’s currently unused. 

I seem to love who I have become inside and out.

A few months ago during my morning intuitive ritual I received the idea that it is time for me to enjoy this body the way it was designed to be enjoyed…even though I am fast approaching 65 years old. I saw myself walking up mountains and clambering across streams, running along the beach, playing in the sea, riding white ponies through the surf, hula hooping, dancing, and maybe even engaging in a romantic encounter, something which hasn’t been on my agenda for a very long time.

As this intuitive theme developed I saw myself playing with electricity – dancing with lightening, being a physical conduit for this lightening to be earthed as well as aligning my cells to north and south polarities resulting in optimum health and longevity. Day after day I received rich intuitive imagery and wondered where and how this would come about. I loved the idea of frequency and vibration, and saw myself in dialogue with nature through this kind of frequency exchange. It was all very esoteric but on a practical level I was at a loss except to ‘tune in’ to those frequencies around me. I did a little bit of google searching to see if my intuition was remotely giving me something of value. I discovered what electrical creatures we are and that every one of our trillions of cells has an optimum voltage for the cell membrane to be healthy… so I was being guided wonderfully well.

But before I began to play with tuning in to nature I was introduced quite unexpectedly to a brand new ‘wearable’ frequency device, apparently able to access something like 144,000 different frequencies. I was intrigued first, dismissive second and ultimately compelled to test out this little gizmo – smaller than a credit card, accessing its frequencies through an app on my phone and get this…it was explained to me that my body would be in dialogue with the frequencies, calling upon those it needs. I could not deny the synchronicity, nor could I deny the following days intuitive journeys showing me how this little device could help serve my body (and mind) in profound ways.

Before long I had one of these ‘babies’ in my hands, and have begun to explore and play with what it can offer me. I believe our bodies are self-healing creatures and this little gizmo is an interface between myself and a great frequency supermarket in the cloud where I can try out a host of frequencies as and when I choose. I love it. It feels like a little friend always available with a healing hand. I feel like I am held in an energetic embrace. And bit by bit I am noticing funny little things like my sense of smell, which has always been good, heightened, that the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet are more likely to feel buzzy and that I am sure that everyone can see the circle of flames flickering over my crown chakra on the top of my head. I’ve noticed that I feel really delicious after a session. In the last two days I feel like I am more plugged in to the ‘love-force’ of life and it contributes considerably to my sense of well-being. And today I had an inspiringly productive morning which arose effortlessly from my early ritual.

I have a lot to test out. There are many claims being made not just about this device but about frequency and micro-current in general and I am inspired to see how far I can go just using this one, although I am also open to exploring more and more. I am developing a connection with the pioneer of frequency specific micro-current (FSM) who wrote the ground breaking book The Resonance Effect which lights me up. And even though this tiny device of mine does not conform to Dr Carolyn McMakins work exactly, there is a strong enough relationship for me.

Feeling the flow of frequency through my body, feeling the satisfaction of fat in my diet, enjoying giving my body more love and far more exercise as I walk my dog along the beaches through rain, shine or storms has enlivened me in ways I didn’t consciously anticipate. 

And I feel absolutely fabulous. Frantastic even!

This is a whole new journey for me – and I am looking forward to so much more of this journey unfolding as the divorce from my body recedes in to the distant past. I wonder what this marriage will look like in the weeks and months to come. Is it one made in heaven?

I hope you’ll follow my journey with Fat, Frequency and Feeling Frantastic!

For more info on the Keto Diet, this is the one I follow:


If you would love to explore more about this frequency device please feel free to message me and I’ll get in touch with you. roar@francescacassini.com 

If you want to read The Resonance Effect by Dr Carolyn McMakin:


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6 Responses

  1. Ellen

    Oh how this makes my heart sing… when a woman falls in love with her body what a delicous discovery…and that the frequency tool is plugging you into all areas of your fantastic awesomeness is such a fabulous experience… to the Joy of your Journey and the path it is taking you on… wonder what mr eonderful is like cant wait to meet him…?

  2. Dee

    This is all sounding wonderful and I’ve seen the transformation for myself recently in the photos of you that you post.. you’re looking amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go with plugging into these bio-friendly frequencies.

  3. Bea Duffy

    Hi Francesca: I have to say you are glowing in recent photos. I loved your reflection you shared. You have a way with words. I too have been on Keto and love it. My husband still likes his carbs once in a while but we are doing pretty good. Now with our Healy Resonance I cant wait to take flight. Got my wrist bands from Amazon and ran my first program today. Who knows how long I have to wait to receive from Healy. I couldn’t wait any longer. So happy for you that you are so happy with you and your body. Blessings, Bea

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