Fat, Frequency and Feeling Frantastic Part Two

The tension of the thick wire tightrope spanning the deep rocky ravine vibrates against the soles of my feet as I move forward over the deep and deathly drop. A faint hum murmurs as the gentle breeze caresses this spider thread, the only thing between me and a very messy end.

What has walking across a tightrope spanning a huge ravine got to do with fat, frequency and feeling fantastic? I wondered this myself as I received this imagery from my creative Muse and then realised how that taut wire is like a violin string and when played it sounds a note. Just like the wind whistling across telephone wires or singing through the rigging on yachts, this tightrope is just the same. In my imagination I started to jump on the wire, making it bounce and as I imagined a little deeper I felt the vibration of that wire under my feet getting stronger, rippling its tune up my legs. It seems I create a frequency depending on how high I jump and how fast or slow I jump.

We create a signature frequency depending on how we walk, run or even stumble along our life path. There are innumerable frequencies with which we interact on a daily basis. We have the frequencies created by the cells and organs in our body, the frequencies created by all the electrical equipment we’re surrounded by, and we have the frequencies of the emotions and feelings we experience each and every waking moment regardless of whether we’re conscious of any of them. Perhaps our dreams and hopes and aspirations have their own frequencies too…as well as our worries, fears and judgements and during the course of this last week I realised that even my bones generate their own frequency. So we’re one great big harmonic interacting with many other harmonics hidden in the guise of human bodies…or dogs bodies…or cats bodies. And if we live in close relationship with others these must impact us profoundly as we mingle and weave with their emotions and feelings, their visions for the future, even their health.

Let’s look at the fat side of things…our frequency will differ depending on the fat and water content of our body and be related to the frequency of the food we eat. If we eat non-organic meat which comes from an animal slaughtered in fear do we ingest this frequency too? If we eat an organic plant-based diet is our body infused with the more gentle energy of kindness? When we eat a high fat diet does that frequency impact us differently to the frequency of carbohydrates? 

All wonderfully magical food for thought – for me anyway.

On a more mundane note my Keto diet has taken a bit of a bashing this last week or three and there is nothing exciting to report on that weight loss basis…and I’ve noticed that as I veer off course I don’t feel quite so frantastic emotionally. I am annoyed with myself because this isn’t about eating what I love – it has felt more like filling a hole and I have just allowed that to happen without exploring it more mindfully. That will change.

However on the frequency front I am now almost through Week Four of my five week protocol and loving my thrice daily frequency baths using my little wearable frequency device. Some of the ideas which emerge in my imagination during these times are compelling and fascinating to me. For example I wondered about the frequency of love and is there actually a number for that. And yes its apparently 528Hz.

“You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528Hz!” Dr. Leonard Horowitz. *

I took this idea a little further. I thought about how when I connect with my cat Kahuna – the one who unzipped his cat suit way back in January 2018 and popped through the membrane to a different reality, I feel a powerful flow of energy which I call the ‘love-force’. It surges through my body from my feet out through the top of my head, inspiring an ear to ear smile as it goes. Any negative feeling is eradicated in that moment and I am filled with love. It is truly heavenly. So could this be the frequency which remains after our body has died and rotted its way back in to the earth? And if so is it actually an indication of a continuum of life…? This exploration to be continued.

One of the side effects of indulging in all these frequencies is a great sense that everything will unfold well in my life. I have known for many years that anything is possible but over the last couple of weeks this sense that I have greater mastery over the outcomes in my life has increased. It’s not about controlling my life and making sure nothing ‘bad’ happens but more a focus on what I’d love and feeling that this is hugely underpinned by harmonising frequencies.  But I also realise that the overall feeling I am building on is one of self-acceptance and it’s taken me till today to even recognise that. However it’s not all yummy delicious. There are frequency programmes to detox on an emotional as well as a physical level and a few days this week have been dogged by exploring some darker sides to my younger life. For the first time ever I called a sexual encounter by its true name. I honoured myself by choosing not to see this any more as ‘asking for it’. That has been a tough acknowledgement but I am sure it’s a healthy one.

Now, according to my daily intuitive journeys it is time for me to not only be more visible but to be an expression of…wait for it… the best is yet to come. I have been an observer of life, a reflective observer, but an observer. Now my intuition is telling me to ‘get a life’, play with this body, see how far it can go as it moves beyond 65 years old. I can feel the resistance as well as the excitement. 

I shall be back on the fat, lapping up the frequencies and keeping you posted – I do hope you’ll join me on the ride to feeling increasingly frantastic. 

If you want to know more about this little frequency device please email me at roar@francescacassini.com 

If you want to know more about Kahuna the Cat Who Didn’t Die:



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7 Responses

  1. Steffie Betts

    BRILLIANT, Franni!! I love this, so beautifully written and such great wisdom xx

  2. Dee

    Another thought provoking article Francesca. I do believe we absorb the frequencies that we resonate with. It reminds me of people who are deaf or colour blind.. The deaf person will only match the frequencies that are within themselves which is why they only hear certain sound frequencies because those are the ones they have a match for. Same goes for the frequencies of the colours.. we are a vibratory match for some and not others.. isn’t that also why animals hear different frequencies that we can’t and see far more than we do? This frequency thing is a really exciting trip and I’m loving exploring it all.

  3. Sally Roberts

    What a wonderful high vibration post! It swings along full of joy and authenticity. Thanks Francesca ?

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