Connecting Consciousness with Dudley the Dog

This beautiful dog sat with me the other evening holding my gaze, looking from one eye to the other and back again. In that moment I saw beyond his ‘dogginess’ and saw his ‘beingness’. I said;
‘I see you,’
Energy bloomed tangibly in the space between us connecting us heart to heart and soul to soul.
So often, with people as well as animals, we relate to the body we’re looking at, rather than seeing that a whole unique being resides within.
Who have you ‘seen’ recently?

The eyes are the windows..
The eyes are the windows..

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2 Responses

  1. Colin

    Hi Francesca, I see and hear you 🙂

    For me, two examples, one in a coffee shop, first meeting with someone, and we had that moment when we connected through our eyes and so much was shared. It was for about 40 seconds, but was profound.

    The second was my simply asking a young cashier how she was. Her initial reply was fine, followed by a few moments later, no I am not fine. In that space held by me, she was able to share what was troubling her.

    We all want to be seen and heard.


  2. Francesca

    Beautiful Colin. It has a totally different energy to see the person behind the flesh. I think thats what we were really talking about the other day…

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