Communing With Nature Wiser Than Us!

After a wisdom-filled weekend at The Plant Consciousness Conference I’m feeling like a whole new door to my perception has opened and I’ve taken a giant stride through in to a new realm. Ages ago I wrote an article called Plants Are People Too and then recently through reading a book called Nature Spirits – The Remembrance by Susan Raven I realised that there is far more to my ideas than I’d begun to imagine. According to a number of very bright sparks who convened at this Conference, our ‘green friends’ are wise, aware and wonderfully keen to get our attention and show us how to live more effectively in this world. So it’s no wonder I’ve been drawn to spending the winter in a Mongolian yurt in a stunning valley in the heart of Wales. Although I won’t be isolated I will be living in a little uninhabited valley – uninhabited by other human beings that is, but filled to bursting with wildlife and nature spirits I am sure.

In the image below, which is taken from the front of the yurt I shall be living in you can see a bright green spot. There was nothing on the fence, nothing on the lens of my iPhone camera, and I have no explanation for this but it could well be the appearance of a nature spirit.

Welcoming the nature spirit!
Welcoming the nature spirit!
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