Coming Home to Myself in 2014

The closing days of 2014 might have seen me discombobulated, grumpy, crotchety, down and lacklustre, but the year itself has been an amazing one. When the wet blanket of depression wraps around you it’s easy to forget the quality of what’s gone previously – so I was delighted as it revealed itself through a heart-warming, soul-inspiring intuitive completion with my good friend Claire Gaudry last night.

In February I flew to LA to participate in the inaugural Writers Workshop hosted by William Whitecloud, intuitive genius and author of The Magicians Way and The Last Shaman. It was here I had my first ‘up close and personal’ introduction to my ‘Muse’ when she handed me the theme for my book – ‘love is the vital force which brings our imagination to life’. Looking back I see how it was also the theme for my year.

My sense of being a story-teller became more firmly anchored. Back in England I mined my imagination, bringing to life words and stories which make my heart sing. I completed the first novel in my trilogy Waking the Lions, the second draft of which is now with my Editor. Plunged into facilitating a workshop at Novembers Literary Festival in St Albans I put together a one hour ‘Meet Your Muse’ event which was very well received letting me know I’d love to do more. I developed a series of 26 ‘designs to inspire the flavour of your day’. These will illustrate a range of pottery this coming year. Intuitive mentoring with one particular Client was a divine heart to heart connection and I’m humbled by the journey she took, receiving her own resurrection from the ashes of pain and loss. And a video interview business, I was about to say goodbye to once and for all was effortlessly restructured with a style I’d wanted to play with for years. I remembered how much I love supporting others to share their hearts story, and capture it effectively on camera, which lent the vital fire it required to breathe life in to its embers.

Designs to Inspire the Flavour

I’ve met new people and explored new ‘homes’. A couple of weeks in the Beacons outside Abergavenny where days of dialogue converted in to powerful video and an afternoon of dressing up in silks, satins and velvet. A few weeks sojourn under ancient thatched eaves offered me womb-like sanctuary across the street from sacred Old Sarum and was the perfect place to ‘get’ the final opening scene of my novel. Inspiring opportunities came and went like the inevitable ebb and flow of the tide. I even re-visited my childhood in Wales where I drank in the footsteps of Dylan Thomas in his favourite New Quay haunt. I’ve also been ‘at home’ with a wonderful family where I’ve been a surrogate Auntie and I have loved their warm embrace and extraordinary support.

Drinking in the Footsteps

Old Sarum

Mining the gold of intuition it became clear I’ve ‘come home to myself’, at last creating a strong structure to support more of my hearts work. It’s funny how so few words can encapsulate something so profound and vast. It is beyond words to know how much more ‘me’ I’ve allowed myself to become this last year. Many people create their ‘me’ness from the outside in – developing an image, a look, a style along with external accoutrements to create their identity. I’ve never been very good at that, so these last years have been about undressing from any external paraphernalia I have collected and re-building from the inside out. I’m emerging from the rubble.

The final part of our intuitive completion was to ask what my heart would love to devote itself to in 2015. The answer was to collaborate with the forces of nature to nourish my creations and see them flourish. Creating from the feminine. Is there synergy between this and the theme for the second novel in the trilogy? I checked in with my Muse just before Christmas and she gave me this – the resurrection of the feminine! How perfect a match.

Its cool to be quirky
Its cool to be quirky
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