Celebrating Joan of Arc

AT 18 SHE LED AN ARMY, won battle after battle on the fields of France and helped crown the King. But instead of being hailed as an extraordinarily gifted and courageous visionary, the teenage Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy 589 years ago this 30th May. Just 100 years ago this month she was made a Saint. And now the anniversary of her death has become her Feast Day.

What fear must have been instilled in the ‘powers that be’ to sanction her death as a heretic? What message did the wise women of the day receive from such a death as this? That even when the might of the English army was undone by a virtual child, that child was demonised rather than applauded. 


Joan of ArcWhen we lose our connection to our own inner power we have to look for it externally. How disconnected from their own power must the authorities have been to need to slaughter this wise woman for her connection? One single slender woman posed such a huge threat because she was profoundly enabled by this direct connection to her power. One single slender young woman became capable of wielding the strength of armies. No wonder they were scared. No wonder they had to vilify her. And no wonder they have been doing this ever since.

The wise women were called witches in those days (and maybe still are). They posed a threat to the authorities, since they refused to come to heel and submit to the Church. They had their own direct divine connection helping them learn herbal lore for healing, and see visions of the future. So the Church, unable to be their conduit to the divine and unable to keep them under their dominion, chose to eradicate them. The witch hunts, particularly prevalent in Europe, lasted several hundred years.

Almost 600 years after Joan of Arc are we women still under the fear of death by fire? Has our intuitive voice been powerfully silenced under this unspoken threat? Do we hold that terror deep in ancestral memory? Could this be why so many people, women and men alike, mock those of us with gifts of vision – because there is an inherent horror that we will become branded, somehow exposed and finally executed? 

Deepest Fears

Our deepest fears are unseen, unheard and unknown… it is only when we shine a light in these dark shadowy places that we can shift from being powerless against the drive of those fears and unchain ourselves from their energy. And even now in 2020, we still see women subjugated. It may be better than it was, but it hasn’t gone away. And many of us are simply so used to it that we don’t even notice the impact.

But what if…? What if we remembered that one single, slender woman wielded the armies of France? What if each one of us, when connected directly to our own wisdom could wield the same level of power and transform our world. And imagine if we weave our wisdom together?

But before we explore that, what if we choose to see the story of Joan of Arc and her burning at the stake as a metaphor?

How can we change history? We may not be able to change the apparent facts but we can change the way we perceive it, and we can change the way we consciously engage with it.

So here goes…

Energy of Transformation

What if we see the fire as the energy of transformation, and the death of Joan of Arc as a death to her old self? Which is actually a truth, isn’t it? The fire transformed her body into ash and she did die to her old self. But can we see it in a way which serves us, which inspires us and even motivates us to be as committed to our inner truth as she was?

What if we see being burned at the stake as an alchemical metaphor? As Joan was murdered through fear, let’s choose to see that fear as the lead of the alchemical reaction being transformed into gold. What could the gold illustrate for us? Freedom from fear? Freedom from limitation? Ultimate power to transcend the shadows we’ve created in our disconnection from our true nature?

Joan of Arc’s Message Today

Joan of Arc’s body died but her spirit lives on. Here we are 589 years later exploring what message she can give us right now in May 2020, with coronavirus labelled the greatest global threat for a very long time. What can Joan of Arc tell us at this particular moment in our history?

Fear has been wielded to keep us under house arrest, enforcing seclusion, a kind of divide and conquer. The fear for us elders being the biggest offering from our governments. It may not be death by fire, but from the descriptions it is also a deeply unpleasant death. What can we learn from the whisper beyond the veil?

When we listen keenly to our inner voice, discern the purity of the deepest message, and stay unwaveringly committed, Joan of Arc tells us that we can overthrow nations. One single, slender young woman motivated many to follow her truth, and proved without doubt that her truth had integrity. 

Gifts of the Feminine

The gifts of the feminine are powerful. The more these gifts are denied by authority the more powerful we can expect them to be. When we silence our voice and wisdom, fear enters. The greater the subjugation, the greater the fear. But fear can only live in a space of disconnection. When we recognise that we have played our own divide-and-conquer game by dismissing our connection to our inner wisdom we see that we have deepened our own disconnection. And fear will keep us in that state of polarity. 

I’m not suggesting we go into battle but commit to our highest truth for ourselves. When we focus on this higher truth, where our true nature resides, we become less prone to being pulled this way and that by external information. Our life stops being about surviving coronavirus, or surviving anything foisted on us by others, but becomes about our own gifts and value to ourselves and to the world. 

Can each of us rise above this polarity of right and wrong, them and us, and listen to our deepest truth and hear its voice? Can we discern the highest level of this, which is unfiltered by prejudice, doubt and fear? And if we follow our true heart’s calling can we change the course of history?

Shall we explore?

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