Was the post-break-up adventure I’d embarked upon going to end in the loneliest of deaths in the middle of nowhere? Was my determination finally to live life on my own terms going to kill me as surely as Isadora Duncan’s scarf killed her?’ Sandy Locksmith 

Five Bridges, Three Frontiers and 150 Euros front cover
Five Bridges, Three Frontiers and 150 Euros front cover

Emerging from a fever-induced fantasy of the beginning of the world Sandy faces a shocking reality. She’s held captive by a vagrant, imprisoned in a medieval citadel cradled deep within an empty valley in rural France, and is subjected to terrifying sexual assaults. It’s the middle of a freezing December. How did she end up in such a hopeless position and what can it take to transform it? Sandy is certain that somewhere among all the unusual experiences she’s had over the previous month lies the key to her freedom. We journey back with her to the middle of November. In her late forties, post menopausal and childless Sandy has been trying to ‘create her own reality’ for months…

The first novel in the ‘Waking The Lions’ trilogy.

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2 Responses

  1. Patricia Cherry

    Hi Francesca. This is the first time I’ve looked at your own website. Kahuna led me here from his book! I’m looking forward to exploring more. Why is there only one paragraph? When it’s asking us to comment on the first three chapters?

  2. Francesca

    Hi Patricia – delighted Kahuna drew you to my personal website. There is no request to comment on the chapters – it asks if you’d like to download the three free chapters of the book called Waking the Lions.

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