Becoming My Superhuman Self with the Help of Frequencies

Has Our Welsh Water Board Put Steroids In Our System?

I walked 4.9 miles last Monday, almost 4.5 miles on Tuesday and over 3 miles the other days this week which I haven’t done for months. And according to my iPhone health app I walked up the equivalent of between 6-18 flights of stairs each day although I live in a bungalow. Mind you the hills here in New Quay on the wild Welsh coast are easily as effective as any stair master workout. What surprised me is how effortless I found it even though I’ve been more of a couch potato these last four months than I have been since 2018.

Back then I was weaving my morning intuitive regime with a Keto diet and a daily session with my little frequency device. But since then I’ve been a bit of a carboholic and my morning self care time just dissolved. The results have been distinct – an increase in weight so that my newly emerging ‘edges’ had become blurred again along with some sluggishness, a bit of brain fog and depression. But this morning I wanted to bounce around like I’ve been wired in to the mains. I haven’t felt quite like this since August/September time and I have missed it.

So what happened? 2021 broke open along with my inspiration and a surge of motivation.

This year is about inviting my superhuman self to emerge… and inviting my 94yr old Mums superhuman self to emerge too. Just for the fun of it. Because why not? Here we are in lockdown yet again, the shops and cafes are closed, the streets are empty, and there is not that much distraction other than work and TV. And TV is getting increasingly tedious.

So how am I doing this exactly?

I talk to my body, and tap in to the ‘love-force’ of life which whooshes through me deliciously each time. Now I direct this ‘love-force’ to parts of my body I think need help in reconnecting to their superhuman parts. It’s taken me nearly all of my 65 years to decide to believe that we are indeed extraordinary creatures, far more than we have been taught. 

I thought for a while that it was the Keto diet which solely contributed to my feeling good and that possibly I received nothing of real impact from the frequencies…but this has now been proved inaccurate. I started a whole new frequency regime about two weeks ago and by the time I chose to go back on Keto (just four days ago) I was already feeling so much better. But now combining the two again I feel frantastic! 

Every morning, many afternoons and some evenings I use my little frequency device to scan our bodies and ask what amino acids and minerals we both need for our optimum health and superhuman selves. I follow this with a third scan on what other frequencies we need. Then I simply send these frequencies to us both in short bursts of less than 90 seconds. Sounds like nothing doesn’t it? But let’s explore what we’re experiencing. 

Am I superhuman yet?

On one level I am (because that’s what I believe we all are) but I am not experiencing it fully yet…however I feel substantially stronger and more energised. My head is clearer and I am more pro-active. I have surges of activity which is not particularly what this Libran is used to. Sometimes I even yearn to do a second 4 mile walk but the daylight is too short to venture on the beach after 4pm. 

Is my Mum superhuman yet?

Not 100% but I have noticed, and this could be synchronicity, she can now raise her arm up to switch on the thermostat for the central heating and use the kettle, neither of which she has been able to do for at least three months. Her appetite has improved on most days, she’s sleeping less in the day, and I am certain she has improved. Time will tell.

All of us can communicate with that innate part of our bodies but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we discovered a specific language to communicate with every single one of our cells? I’m learning that frequency is ‘the language of our cells’, to quote Dee Twentyman from 

What proof do I have that any of this is real and that we truly do have a ‘language of our cells’?

I looked for some external sources to corroborate this idea and this is what I found.

Intuitively receiving that our bodies are electrical creatures and that without electricity we can’t sustain life in these flesh and blood vehicles, I found this.  A short article on how electricity is used within the cells of our body and how vital it is for life to continue.

My little frequency device has access to hundreds of thousands of frequencies, specific to certain organs and states of mind. I imagine each organ having its own signature frequency which when vibrating at that frequency creates and denotes optimum health. Equally, if the frequency in the organ is ‘off a few Hertz’ that organ will experience dis-ease. This short article explains how our organs and body generate their own frequencies and are healthy at a specific one.

I’d been told that my little device is capable of ensuring that my cells vibrate at the perfect healthy resonance and I’m happy to say that this information matches with what I found in this article about the optimum electrical potential of our cell membrane. This is hugely responsible for the energy we create and feel in our bodies, so clearly this tiny wearable gizmo is doing its job.

One more bit of unexpected frequency magic

Ever since I was a child I have had a slow metabolism. I was plump as a child and plump to various degrees as an adult. I have believed that I only have to look at food and I put on weight. Following a series of fasting diets I’d managed to trash my metabolism even more. Christmas 2019 (pre little frequency device but two stone of weight loss due to Keto) I spent two days with a friend who happens to be a great and lavish cook. I put on 3lbs in 2 days! This morning I dared myself to get on the scales to see what damage I’d done over the last four months (or more) of eating anything and everything I wanted. I ate all the fats I loved as if I was on Keto while at the same time enjoying all the carbs and sugar I had left out before. Four months with my usual metabolism and only around 2 miles average per day of walking you can possibly know the kind of weight gain I expected. It was easily going to be a stone (14ilbs) because if I could gain 3lbs in 2 days what could I achieve over 4 months? To my utter astonishment and incomprehension I have only put on about 6lbs (that’s less than 3 kilos!). It took me a while to realise that the only thing which could contribute to such a relatively small weight gain is my use of frequency.

What a delicious and delightful exploration. It not only serves my health and wellbeing, it reminds me that we are created to be alive, and this is our imperative. Helpful frequencies are not just the language of the cells, they are its champagne! So I raise my glass to the frequencies of being superhuman – and quaff those beautiful and magical Hertz!


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  1. Dee Twentyman

    Fabulous! I love how this device creates balance and optimum health. Frequency truly is the language of our cells. Great article Francesca.

  2. Steffie Betts

    Brilliantly written! so descriptive and very interesting research too. Delighted it is all working so well for you and your Mum xx

  3. Nirman

    This is very interesting information Francesca, thank you for sharing and worth looking into it more. Xx

  4. Debra Sofia Magdalene

    A good read – I’m loving following your journey with your frequency device Francesca.

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