Becoming Superhuman at Sixty Five!

What do I mean by ‘superhuman’?

Do I mean that I’ll have x-ray vision, be able to climb up walls, leap tall buildings with a single bound, shoot ice or fire from my fingertips, or shape shift in to an eagle and fly like I wanted to as a child…?

When I ask my intuition what it means to me to be superhuman I get this clarity of being in a body I know, love and trust. It’s a body with flexibility, strength, stamina and above all a great immune system. So how come at the tender age of 65 this is what is calling to me? Seems a bit late to discover this incredible thing called a body. But maybe not.

Another aspect to my vision of being superhuman is this; being in conversation with all of life,  deeply connected to the Earth as well as the Cosmos.

I can’t fully explain this as it sounds so off the wall – nothing new there, some of you might think. But suffice it to say that since Spring of 2020 my intuition has been telling me just this. Get back in your body, learn to love and trust it and see what it can do… explore the experience of the body I could have had when I was much younger…call on the frequencies to help me resonate with all of nature around me, and play! 

Each morning I’d step in to intuitive imagery – of walking a tightrope, galloping a white pony along the beach, connecting with the power and magnificence of the ocean, ‘being’ the wild west wind storming in across the Irish Sea, and of course playing with my dog.

As of New Year 2021 I have chosen to focus much more on becoming this superhuman self at 65!

How am I going to become superhuman?

My dog, Keyala, helps. She’s a little ex-puppy farm breeding bitch who came to rescue me in September 2019. What a vibrating bundle of joy she has become and I love playing on the beach with her. I run. She runs. Sometimes she runs and I simply watch her in delight. She loves being in her body and is a great example to me. Just being alive and as free as possible fills her with a deliciously puppy-like energy. Nothing like appreciating a dog romp because she’s filled with the yumminess of being alive.

I feel so profoundly lucky to have been locked down for so long in this beautiful location by the churning sea. With seagulls whirling overheard, buffeted by the strong winds off the ocean, and the roar and crash of the waves as they pound the rocks and pier, it’s hard not to feel enlivened. Nature is so powerful and never seems to get exhausted. It fulfils its elemental role and rests when appropriate. That’s what I plan to do.

But the biggest service for my journey to becoming superhuman is my little frequency device. After my intuition suggested I play with frequency back in late May of 2020, I discovered this little gizmo recommended by a friend. Since then I’ve been exploring it. 

What is my experience so far?

First of all it’s been a great tool for self-growth, which I am sure will continue. As I deliver certain frequencies to my body, mind and soul, they push up those emotions and memories I’ve pushed down. But in the process they have helped me release those ones I’ve become aware of so far.

I slumped quite substantially last November and in to December. Engulfed in depression and anxiety which magically lifted from my shoulders on the morning of 21st December, the Solstice. I have never been aware of the energies of these special aligned days before but this one was clearly tangible. I noticed I’d been ignoring my morning intuitive and frequency practice and this was a perfect prompt to get back on track.

The next thing I’ve realised is how much deeper my connection with Nature is since playing with it. The energy of the sea surged in to my body the other day more powerfully than I’d noticed before. I am much more connected energetically to everything around me. Even watching films I find myself dropping in to the emotions as if I am there in the present moment. Quite disconcerting when it’s films like Castaway or The Mercy (both to do with the ocean funnily enough). 

Focusing on my intention to become superhuman this year, or should I say ‘embody’ my superhuman aspect, I have been drawn to calling on the frequencies of the tiniest of building blocks – the amino acids, minerals and the energies of plants. I could do this through a myriad of supplements but I use my little frequency device. I open up the ‘scan’ facility and once it’s checked what I need, it delivers the relevant combination of frequencies right in to my field. My body is in dialogue with this device and I love the conversation.

I’ve only run these programmes for the last few days so far but I felt differently immediately. Within moments I felt lighter in spirit, with a sense of greater ease in my body, and more likely to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day. When I feel that anxiety creep up on me I run the programmes again and I immediately feel a sense of protection wrap around me. I’m getting my mojo back.

I also use this on my 94yr old Mum (with her permission of course). I google checked the amino acids and minerals it scanned specifically for her and was fascinated by the accuracy. Now this may be coincidence but she has felt stronger the last two days, and this morning was up before 7.30am which has not happened in a few months. 

So the big question for me is this. Is my intuition accurate in regard to this little frequency device? And when my body and device converse, can these frequency ‘packages’ truly deliver my criteria for being superhuman?

I’m reminded by my intuition that I’m like a plasma ball. In the centre of my own frequency and vibrational universe I reach out and connect with all aspects of the world around me. Breathing in and breathing out in exchange and balance, I weave in to the warp and weft of the world, an intrinsic part of all of life. Now that sounds like superhuman to me.


To learn more about the (little frequency device) LFD and explore if it has a valuable place in your life please email me on

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3 Responses

  1. Virginia

    Hey there. Are you describing what we call a TENS unit?

  2. Francesca Cassini

    Hi there – no its not a TENS. I’m not sure what TENS does either other than stop pain being felt. I’ve heard that it disables the body from feeling the pain but doesn’t stop what causes the pain. This certainly is different to that, but any more than that I can’t tell you.

  3. Dee Twentyman

    Francesca this device is certainly helping me to feel more energised as my life changes yet again with my aging mum needing more care and attention. i have recently used it on an injury to her leg after a fall and ran the program for speedy healing. Once the dressing comes off it will be interesting to see how well this goes.

    So yes more connection and feeling energised which does feel superhuman.
    Thank you

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