B Day minus 1

Less than 24 hours to go to that big 6-0. It feels like there is a powerful line, or maybe a really wide line between here and there and somehow this transition is going to have impact… but then maybe I just make that up! It’s been a lovely day again of sunshine and high vibe what with it being a rugby world cup day here in Twickenham although I’ve actually been working… but I love what I do which is just as well. I’m at Eel Pie island for the weekend.

Had a most enjoyable evening on B Day minus 2 with a theatre treat to see The Curious Incident with a Dog in the Night-time and a sublime meal at a highly recommended place called Babaji in Shaftesbury Avenue. I’d recommend both and why not do what we did – have your starter and main course before the show and your pudding afterwards – not to mention sneak a bottle of sparkly in to the theatre!

Looking forward to exploring new realms of communion with nature and the concept of plant consciousness and intelligence – I shall no doubt share what I discover in this new ‘green’ community.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend too.

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