Ayahuasca Day One

I'm in the Jungle, Baby!
I’m in the Jungle, Baby!
After two amazing weeks exploring the sacred sites of Peru all in the coolish climes of the high altitude Andes it was time to come down to earth, head for the hot and humid Amazon Jungle for a week long Ayahuasca retreat with revered shaman Don Lucho at Kapitari. Sixteen of us headed in to the rainforests lushness to be introduced to the ‘mother of all sacred plant teachers’, mother Ayahuasca herself.

Ayahuasca is an ancient brew, reputed to heal mind, body and soul. She’ll purge you of toxins, both physical and mental, and show you her teachings – whatever she deems fit for each individual. The saying ‘mother knows best’ is just as true here in the rainforest about Ayahuasca as it is about any of our own personal mothers. She’s considered an all-powerful, all-wise Goddess.

This is the first of my video diaries filmed in my ‘tambo’ at Kapitari last month, May 2015.

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