Ancient Wisdom of the Yew and Wintering in a Yurt Diary 4

Touched by Eternity
Touched by Eternity

Touched by eternity! Thats exactly how I felt this last weekend communing with ancient Yew Trees through the wisdom of Michael Dunning, the Yew Shaman. I’ll be interviewing him soon because his story is spellbinding and I’d love to share it with you.

The Yew Trees are considered immortal. The oldest one we visited on Saturday is 2000 years old and spread its canopy in a churchyard in Wales where Merlin is reputed to have been trained. On Sunday I took my new little lionhearted car off on a road trip to visit another Yew Tree which has been dated as being over 5000 years old and the oldest tree in all of Europe. I felt like a babe again under its branches. It’s calling me back to visit more than once, thats for sure.

These wise and ancient beings are divinely connected to the Elohim. Great movie makers who understand mythology and the hero’s journey also understand the impact of the Yew Tree and its mysteries. James Cameron called his Na’avi deity Eywa after the Yew Tree and so did George Lucas when he named his wisest of beings in the Star Wars films Yoda.

This deepening relationship with nature is my starting point when I take up residence in a yurt for the winter! What a magical and inspiring portal I’ve walked through as I’ve started this 6th decade of life on our wondrous green planet.

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