A Cacao Ceremony Experience

After Ayahuasca in the Amazon and San Pedro in the Sacred Valley it was time to test out Cacao in Clapham! Not quite as exotic a location but that in no way hindered the depth of the experience and the potency of the sacred plant.

Cacao is the ‘food for the shift’ apparently and after the ceremony I can well believe this. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste and texture of the cacao (it wasn’t quite the molten wonder I’d hoped for!), and I got mild nausea for a short while early on, this was a powerful but gentle effortless flow of guidance. I journeyed through a past life, brief and amusing connections with fairies and leprechauns as well as through my body. I sensed a certain amount of healing taking place. I understood how I’ve taken myself and my personal growth way too seriously often making my ‘baggage’ hard to let go of. Throughout this journey it became simple and enjoyable, even when it was deep and challenging. It felt like the spirit of Cacao was a close friend guiding me kindly but clearly.

The background of how this came to be available in the mainstream was fascinating. Gerri McMahon, our excellent facilitator, came to this through an intuitive journey in Guatemala where she met The Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson. This American followed his inner guidance and discovered a tribe who still grew and used the cacao bean in its ancient sacred way. They shared their wisdom with him and he now shares it with those who find him on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Gerri travels widely from her base in Hawaii and if you’re interested in her work follow this link:

Molten Ceremonial Cacao
Molten Ceremonial Cacao
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  1. Maree

    Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm, can’t wait to try it myself. x

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