Woman on a Mission – Why Stumble When You Can Soar?

‘Surely you should start local before you go global’, suggested a well meaning friend as I set up my first proper business – a Nanny Agency. I was living in a small village in the south of England at the time. But I didn’t see the point in starting small as I was pretty sure it was just as much work to go big and anyway going big meant we’d have access to a wider client base. Within three short years we were No 2 in the UK sending staff all around the world to European royalty and a great smattering of well known people as far away as Australia. It was our service ethos which worked and created the PR – far better that advertising.

‘You shouldn’t try to run before you can walk’, scolded my Dad when I was putting together a big entertainment proposal for British Airways many years ago when I ran a team of psychic entertainers for corporate events. I was offering to take on the whole caboodle for an event they were putting on to thank the PA’s of their biggest clients. The proposal got accepted and the evening went extremely well. In fact we ended up creating four amazing events for them until they opted for an in-house entertainment officer.

‘You can’t set up a magazine if you’ve never been in the publishing industry!’ was a common remark when I set up a free magazine on conscious living for the Greater London area. But I could. I had a partner who was so brilliant at art and design he put together the most yummy looking magazine. As neither of us had been in the publishing business we broke every design and editorial rule there was…the result being a delightfully quirky publication. So we could set it up and we ran it for about 7 copies. Then we crashed. We simply didn’t have the financial structure in place.

Did I start any of these with any financial resources? None whatsoever.

Did I always know how I was going to achieve my vision? Usually not at all.

But once I was committed, support came out of the blue.

So my point is why start small when it’s often just as much work as going big…. and why wait till you have the money if you want to do it now?

If you believe in something with a passion don’t you want to soar rather than stumble along?

So we get to this point in time….

Here I am in a caravan on a wild Welsh hillside where my mobile phone and internet connections are appallingly poor and I’m launching an online global community…. started from nothing.

Since the vision of The Silver Tent emerged last September I have fully committed mind, body and soul to the development of a beautiful organisation which serves everyone who connects with it… from the members who choose to join, to the tiny team developing it, to the wider community. It is built on the feminine principles of intuitive creativity, collaboration and co-operation. It’s core idea is to bring the over 50’s women of the world together so we can all recognise and develop our innate wisdom, re-ignite the passions and dreams we may have hidden away along our adult journey, support each other to bring them back out of the closet, dust them off and have the help to make them shine again, then take them out to the wider world, sharing these projects and newly fledged businesses and being the wise elder women we really are.

The grand vision is to attract at least one million women to join, and if at least half of these women become paying members we can create the most phenomenal philanthropic engine, driven and steered by the entire community to serve the world. We help each other do what we’re destined to do by being who we truly are. As we tap into our true selves, our silver sisters support us and we all become forces of nature.

Am I mad? Maybe.

Am I inspired? Most definitely.

Am I on a mission? No question about it!

As I look out of my triple aspect sitting room over the glorious Welsh hills like giant rumpled bedclothes I soar with the buzzards and red kites as they wheel and play on the windy canvas in front of me. And I’m reminded of a question posed by Soleira Green yesterday in her interview for The Silver Tent Launch Summit…. imagine two paths… the one you’re on now and the one you’d love to be on…imagine a year on each path… which do you prefer….?

I make this my own and think of soaring or stumbling…

Do I choose the path of the chicken pecking at what’s available on the ground underneath its beak, seeing only the few square yards around me or do I choose the wild, high soaring path supported by the awesome power of the wind and its updrafts launched off the curved bosom of the land below?

Erm…..no contest.

What dreams have you put on hold in your life – you know those ones which filled your heart and soul when you thought about them?

Would you love to see what it feels like to throw your arms wide open, let the wind lift you, and experience the thrill of soaring, following your heart come what may?

If your answer is yes…

Would you love to be part of a global community where you’re helped to bring these dreams back to life – where you can access those much needed cheer leaders so you don’t have to listen to the naysayers… where you can access coaches and mentors for your mindset… coaches and mentors to develop the business…creative website designers and reach a great global market place of women who would love what you’re doing? Or alternatively become part of a global community where you can be one of these supporters?

The Silver Tent is a safe and glorious space to be you in all your true wise elder glory….

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  1. Kay Shelto

    Loved reading this about you Francesca. I excited for your dream and your potential. So much pleasure in having worked with you to see the depth of you and your vision. I also love how you are bringing it together so fast and so powerfully. You are an amazing inspiration. I dream big and I just love the encouragement I receive from your words here.

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